Quilts for Sale

Everyone always asks me what I do with all my quilts.  I don't use them - I just like to make them!  Most of my quilts are put on the bed 1X for a photo and then put away.  Some I give away.  And of course, my son has his favorite quilt in his room.  I think it is time to sell many of my quilts!  Because - look at the photo - I think we have too many quilts for any one small boy to love!  LOL!

Bear with me!  I am trying to set up an Etsy store and this is all taking a bit of time!  But here are some photos of the 1st quilts that I will be having up for sale - just have to take a few measurements.  Postage is extra.  I like taking photos on a queen sized bed usually - gives a person a good idea of the actual size.  But I also have to take some close-up photos of some of these.  Still, this will give you an idea.  If you see something you want now, please just e-mail me before I go through all the steps of getting it posted on Etsy!

I am so excited!  I think that selling my quilts will really motivate me to get back into the swing of quilting again - I seem to have been going in bits and spurts lately and that just isn't really my personality.  

Cars And Stars $325
Professionally machine quilted - info on label

Colorful 16 patch $300
Professionally machine quilted - info on label
Bright, colorful fabric.  Backing is soft orange flannel.

Pinwheels $400
Professionally machine quilted - info on label

I have more coming - even my purple Shakespear in the Park - but there are a few boxes of quilts at one of my sister's houses and we... can't find them!  I am going over there on Sunday though and hopefully we will find that mixing box.

Tummy Time Baby quilt $18
Quilter's cotton on 1 side (pink), soft flannel on the other (green with pink lady bugs).  Stuffed with extra poofy batting for extra softness.  Simply quilted with a big square in the middle to keep the batting in place through multiple washings!  When my son was a baby I always had one of these with me when I visited friends - the perfect size for popping on the floor and letting baby play.  Great size for the car seat too.