Monday, December 06, 2021

Elf House for Santa Photos


If you read 1 post down - you will see that I went to The Cotuit Center for Arts on Sunday for a fund raiser.  We made holiday arrangements out of freshly cut greens.

On the property is this cute "elf" house.  I am not sure what they really call it, but it looks just like and elf house to me, so elf house it is!  I had to go peek inside and look what I found.

The perfect backdrop (clutter free) backdrop for family photos.  And a chair for Santa - he is coming - see the sign on his chair!  What a very nice idea of the Cotuit Center for Arts to have this display open on the day that we were there.

Greens Fest - Create Your Own Holiday Floral Arrangement


Look closely - these are 2 different arrangements. Aren't they adorable?  On Sunday I went to a fund raiser at Cotuit Center for Arts.  The absolutely beautiful building has cathedral ceilings, natural lighting, and lovely art on the walls. How could you not be excited to create something here!  Sorry - I don't have photos without other people in them, so won't post them here.  But, click on the link above and it will bring you to their website.

Either side of the room had long, empty tables for you to create your masterpiece(s).  Most people made very large arrangements - I go for the cutesy.  2 long tables had all sorts of containers that the organizer collected through-out the year.  Each container was filled with florist foam - already wet.  Some containers she ever spray painted, or otherwise jazzed up.  So, first stop was container.  The middle of the room had long tables with all sorts of freshly cut greens.  Lots of variety!  Then, the organizer had spray painted various pinecones or dipped them into glitter, glued Christmas balls onto straws, little ornaments onto shish-ka-bob sticks (spray painted dark green), fake flowers, glittery bits and pieces, bows, more ornaments, bare branches spray painted white, etc. Clippers were provided so you could cut your greenery to size.

Go to the middle tables - pick your stuff.  Go to your container and arrange.  Scrutinize.  Go back to middle tables and get more stuff.  Add some more.  Walk around and talk with everyone else and admire their arrangement.  Back to yours for any finishing touches.  Then - you could have your arrangement misted with floral spray to help it "keep" longer.  Keep in mind - mostly fresh greens, so they do need to be watered daily.

That was my fund raiser day on Sunday.  Very fun.  It is a clever idea for someone who is organized as a fund raiser.  I know she spent alot of time collecting everything - throughout the year.  You would be amazed at prices of baskets and containers at yard sales, thrift stores, etc.  Put out a message that you are collecting them and they appear on your doorstop.  Dollar Store decorations glued to sticks and straws.  Clippers.  LOTS of fresh greens.  Well - you get the idea.  I know it was very time consuming on the organizers part, but at the end - everyone was very happy with their arrangement and it was a good fund raiser for the Center. 

I went with my sister and she brought her own container - our 3 arrangements are pictured below.

Do you make your own arrangements?  My Mom always loved her beanpot - more so than the Christmas tree, I think.  In December she would fill it with freshly cut greens and put a little string of white lights on it.  And that was that - done!  Things don't have to be stressful!

Thursday, October 03, 2019

Some Fall Knitting

I do not count rows when knitting socks. I knit the length of the needle and then divide in 1/2 to start the heel flap.

I like purple in the Fall. Tootsie wanted to be in the photo too!

I noticed that even the washcloth I just finished has purple in it too!

Tootsie and Lola prefer that I do not knit all so they can sit on my lap.

My little basket for car knitting while I am waiting. 1 pair of socks and a washcloth. All those little bits of time add up!

Thank you for stopping by and reading my post.