Monday, May 01, 2006

More about April

I was trying to keep my April posts more geared toward my quilting and busting fabric stash, afterall - this is a quilting/stashbusting list, right? But, then I decided that I miss my little snippets of our everyday life, it's not all about sewing! Our days are filled with typical Toddler stuff and the more time spent outside, the better! Most of my sewing time is at night, after Little Boy is in bed (a good incentive for me to keep him on schedule so I am not too tired by the time he goes to bed!).

Anyway, I really want to remember these times and have been printing out my blog to keep as a printed diary. I thought I would quickly add this post with some April photos to round out the month of April, so to speak, before May takes over! Just as a side note, so you don't think that Little Boy is a solitary child, I don't post photos of other people's children - he actually does have playmates! So - no photos of the Cape or NH this past month, but I am going to start to print out a photo collage of the month in review to add to my blog print-outs. This is probably a more realistic plan than for me to think that I am going to organize all my photos into albums! A quick monthly photo collage seems more do-able.

So, the first photo is Little Boy playing in one of my new planters that DH had built for me last year when I was away. I came back and there it was! I like raised beds and this one HUGE! This is the planter I am considering putting in a pumpkin patch for Little Boy, or maybe squash. Something easy! In the meantime he thinks it makes a perfectly great place to play with his trucks! He is down in that back corner playing with his backhoe. Thank goodness we haven't added the topsoil yet because let me tell you, his pants get muddy enough as it is! He understands that we are going to put some plants in there, so I have my fingers crossed that he is going to give up his construction zone without a fuss. Who am I kidding? If you were almost 3 what would you prefer? A garden or a truck zone? Humm - we will have to see if this plan needs to be revised.

And this is the other end of this garden (it is completely enclosed, so makes a great play yard for Little Boy!). Behind him is a much smaller planter that is for kitchen herbs. It has finally warmed up to the mid-50's (11 C for those on the metric system) which is warm enough for us to eat lunch outside if it is sunny! The translation to this statement is that it is now warm enough that you don't need mittens.

We go out for a walk everyday, as long as it isn't raining. This is one of our favorite trails which is .8 kilometer (1/2 mile). Little Boy is good for up to about 1 mile, but is happiest with 1/2! He actually goes further than that because he tends to run back and forth, back and forth a bit! Another beautiful day - no mittens, no scarf, but he still has tights, winter pants, a turtleneck onsie and sweater on. Can you tell that by April I am ready for some warmer weather and oh - some leaves on the trees would be nice, but I know that is right around the corner, thankfully! On a happy note here, my hanging flower baskets were all pick-up yesterday by the guy who plants them for me - he keeps them in his greenhouse until the 1st week of June.

And even if we are stuck inside on a rainy day (and it has rained a bit much this past month!), we still have fun. Here we are doing the waltz and laughing our heads off!

So there you have it - a glimpse into our everyday Momma/Toddler life!


Cathi said...

Nice to see the life of another mommy quilter. I just finished chasing my girls and ever-present friend Conor around the house this rainy day playing "monster". Plan to work on the Dear Jane and finish a baby quilt binding tonight in front of the TV!

ForestJane said...

Awww, such great pictures!

He looks so much older outside in his coat and outdoor gear than inside, in the blue/green stripey tights and pacifier!

And I think you need to trade him a sandbox for your raised bed... :)

Cathi said...

I just tagged you for the history're it!!

Laurie Ann said...

Little Boy is so so lucky to have such a great mother!! You sound like you are really on the ball! Maybe dad can build him a sandbox for his trucks?

cher said...

such wonderful memories you bring back Evelyn! However, I had another baby right after my first turned life was much more hectic :-) Little Boy has a wonderful life with you as his momma!

Kay said...

These will be a wonderful way to remember. I wish blogs had been around when I had little ones.

Darcie said...

I think it's always fun to see into other's lives...not only quilting stuff, but day-to-day. And seeing your pics of Little Boy gives me the excuse to stop a moment and reminisce about my Little Boy (who's now nearly 17!).

I've had a great time catching up with you from my being away from the computer for days and days. You're driving story is just too funny, Evelyn! Too funny!

Jeanne said...

I love the waltzing photo -- I can just hear the giggles!
Pumpkin vines are wonderful, and HUGE!
Jeanne :)

Hanne said...

Thanks for sharing some everyday life too - it is so nice to read. I guess Little Boy will get a sand box for his construction work ? My DDs loved the sand box when they were small

Dawn said...

I'm back to catching up with all the news on your blog! I've enjoyed catching up with life with Little Boy! I LOVE that picture of him with his hat walking! ADORABLE!

Mary said...

I also print my blog out each month and I figure people who don't want to read about the non quilting stuff can just skip those entries.

My blog is a much a journal for me personally as it is meant for others to read.

Anonymous said...

gorgeous photos and snippets of your everyday life :-)