Monday, September 30, 2013

A day of resting...

It has been busy around here, more than I could ever explain.  Even my mean cat Coonie is tired.  Yesterday, we sat out on the porch together... I knit and he took cat naps in the sun.  Every once in a while he would pick his head up, look at me and yawn.  I could relate.  When the sun went in it started to cool off so I went inside and took a little nap.  I worked 48 hours in 3 days.  Sometimes that is just my schedule.  I am happy to say, I feel a bit better after most of yesterday off, but had another long day today.  I am hoping that tomorrow will be more even keeled.  I have plans to sit out on the porch and knit... with Coonie close by.  He isn't too friendly, but he is still good company!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Gardening for Better Nutrition

Well, summer sped right along - some of my readers sent me e-mails to ask if I was ok - and yes, everything is ok, I have just been super busy and having technical issues with photos and my blog (more on all that later!).
You might remember that in June a friend gifted me with some tomato plants, which I blogged about here...
What a wonderful present those plants were, because they produced ALL summer (never mind the poor, pitiful photo above -  our nights are sinking down into 2C (mid 30'sF) and tomatoes just don't like that - not one bit.  So, all the leaves fell off recently, yet the green tomatoes left keep ripening and gifting me with tomatoes...
Which I dutifully pick and bring inside and set on the kitchen counter.  And you know... I just hate to see good food go bad - so all those tomatoes have to be eaten before more green ones turn red out on that plant.
I saute garlic and about 5 of those chopped tomatoes with some Italian seasoning and then add it to my pan scrambled hamburger and mix Ragu speghetti sauce in with all (makes a perfect serving, plus 1 left-over for the next day).  Almost home-made, right?  Don't you love my flat bottomed wooden spoon - it is the greatest thing!  Everyone needs one of these things for scrambling hamburger, sauteing, even making scrambled eggs!   

And while I was stirring the sauce today, I was thinking, that if you garden, even a tiny, itty, bitty bit (like my 2 surviving tomato plants), than surely you have better nutrition than someone who does not.  Around here cherry tomatoes are expensive and you have to buy an entire container, which I know for sure I won't eat before they turn bad, so I never buy them.  But if my little plant gives me several a day, they work their way into store bought salsas and sauces, into my iceburg salads, even thrown into my scrambled eggs!  And even that little bit has to give me more nutrition than I would have if I didn't have those two plants.  

So, my thought for the day is that people who garden have better access to healthy, nutritious food.  I know, I know - a simple concept and we all know that, but when you actually pick your own tomatoes and then have to use them before they turn, and then are eating them and congratulating yourself thinking how much money you saved by not buying them at the grocery store... it all kind of hits home!

I got to say though - growing a BIG garden where I live along the Bay of Fundy shores IS a challenge!  We have a very short growing season.
P.S. - this variety of cherry tomato is called Juliette (like Romeo and Juliette so easy to remember!).  They are the best variety I have tried in Canada (very helpful to make friends with fellow gardeners in your climate - they will point you in the right direction).  They do not split - not even if one falls off the plant and you don't notice for a day.  They are slightly bigger than cherry tomatoes and not so full of seeds - and sweet!   Mmm!  I am definitely going with this lovely variety next year.