Tuesday, December 01, 2015

More Cactus Flowers!

My son has another cactus with not one...but multiple blossoms!

I got a little jab moving it slightly so the lighting would be better for a photo. I am not sure how long that flower will last so I was keen to get a photo of it today...just in case it is a 1 day wonder. But there are so many little buds, I am hopeful there will be several blossoming flowers at the same time.

Exciting things going on with the cacti...late November / early December. I would have never guessed. Even though it is still pretty warm here, it gets cold at night now, so most our plants have now been moved inside.  I am going to have to do some rearranging...my kitchen counter is a bit full...With sharp prickly objects!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Legos for Christmas

2 weeks ago we had to go out to the shopping center to get something. On a Saturday. Headed into Christmas. And if you think USA stores are busy, try Austria where all the stores are closed on Sundays!

If you know me, you know I hate crowded shopping centers. Which is exactly why I usually have all my shopping done and everything wrapped by the 1st week of November. IF I want to add something more, I can...but no stress if I go shopping again, or don't. My DH thinks this is a bit funny of me, but over the years he has learned just how very stressed I become if I wait too long. Can we say panic attack in a crowded store? So, I know what bothers me...and avoid it.

But, School Boy needed something for school and he has a tight schedule, which meant we headed out shopping on a Saturday. We went early in the morning...to get a parking spot.

The stores were loaded up with toys, games, Playmobile...and stacks and stacks of Lego sets. Everywhere I looked - Leo's.  It was actually a pretty amazing sight.  The most wished for items tend to sell out fast. But, happily, it is not something I have to worry about. I am all done with Christmas shopping.

We went in a car provided by our Auto Club.
My car broke down, sigh. 80 km from home. But the Auto Club came right away...towed the car to a home garage...and gave us this car for a few days. It was super nice to have, but sadly we had to give it back.

But I am not worried. We live in a city and can get around by walking, biking or public transportation for now. And, I already have ALL my Christmas shopping done. So, no stress. I was able even score a most wanted Lego set late in October. Phew!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Cactus Flower!

 My son's cactus had a flower this month. It was such a nice surprise!
 In the photo below you can see it is not a huge cactus yet.  I am pretty sure we got it last year. When we repot cacti, we get a special soil mix. Seriously, I have no idea what the plant in the front is, but I guess it likes living with us - it keeps getting taller!
This tall cactus...should I be worried? My son has 2 of them and they keep growing and growing. I am afraid that eventually I will not be able to fit them out the door! One needs to be repoted and we got the soil this week. The spider plant is a "baby" from the spider plant my son gave to me when he was 6. You can see some of the many plants I still have out on the balcony.
 Someone recently told me that I can snap off these small, new growths and pot them. Hmm. I am just wondering how many more cacti we have room for in the house?! 
 The fuzzy cactus has been moved inside next to my kitchen basil plant. The weather here is unusually warm, still mid 60's during the day. I need to go to the thrift shop to get some saucers for underneath. But, since you hardly ever water a cactus, there is no rush!
 This one is still outside. Don't worry, it will not fall! It is not windy here. If it does tip over it will just go into the flower box. But it has been there since June with no problem.  My pepper plants below are still going strong. But I know, winter is coming and I will need to re-arrange to make room for all these cacti!
 And here is my little, white Christmas cactus, blooming away for all it is worth!
Well, that is a little tour of some of my plants. I have more out on the other balcony. I really enjoy having fresh chives, rosemary, thyme, basil,  etc. And those plants are still outside. Some herbs are in windows boxes and those will need to be put into inside planters. So, I have a bit of work this week to get the plants sorted out for the coming winter. I wonder what cactus will have a flower next?!