Wednesday, June 29, 2016

June Flowers in the Hospital Garden

I have been sick for most of the winter.  Right now I enjoy sitting outside in the hospital garden for bits of time. My son pushes me around some and then I give him my camera/phone and he runs around and takes photos of all the flowers for me. He has such a good eye! I like having a "flower album" on my phone. Gives me something pretty to look at!

Today is day #14 of this hospital visit, so we have seen some flowers come and go!

I especially like the roses!
I did not remember this yellow flower when I saw his photo. When I asked him about it, he came back with this itty bitty flower!
They all are beautiful! It is like looking at a gardening catalog in real life!

 The bees go right inside of the hostas.

The bees love the lavender too.
Happy bees all over!

I am 5' 8" tall. The lilies are taller than me!

My sister and niece mailed me a "Happy Camper" t-shirt from the USA. I was wearing it and sitting up in bed today when my surgeon came by to visit. He thinks I might be able to go home this weekend. Yeah! So please think happy, healing thoughts for me so I can get home quickly! Thank you!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

May Vacation

 We usually take a short vacation in May because my son has a few 4 day weekends from school. It is a bit off season, so not so much traffic, not so many people (I hate crowds), and off-season rates. Um, not always the best weather, but my son and I actually don't mind too much and DH is generally happy as long as we are happy.
 This year we went to Croatia. I know that sounds exotic, but if you lived in Massachusetts, that would be similar to going to Rhode Island...less than 5 hours by car...but with border passport checks. We drove through Slovania to get 3 country trip! It was after this trip that I realized my passport has room for only a few more I have to take care of that soon. 

Husband just shook his head when my son and I kept screaming for him to stop so we could take photos of the road signs, etc.  But do you think you say the name of this town? My son and I were howling with laughter at so many things we saw along the way. We really love a good road trip!  I am getting creative with those photos scrap books you can order and these fun little photos make great fillers.

My son played tennis every day... and I was happy to lounge and watch him have fun! I have been sick, so I especially planned this trip around him playing tennis so he would get lots of exercise and I would get lots of rest. The hotel even had a buffet breakfast and supper plan so I didn't even have to really cook, but we did have a kitchenette for snacks.  It was the perfect family get away.