Saturday, April 15, 2006

Flower Block

OK, someone posted asking if anyone knew the pattern source for this block - or at least a block similar to this one. Right away I thought it was a Quiltmaker pattern - I could just visual the magazine layout in my mind. So, I looked through a few back issues -and presto, I found it right off! I have looked and looked through all the blogs trying to find that post and can't find it again - so I decided it would be faster just to make a block and post it on my blog and hope that it is seen by whoever was looking!

So - here is a block from the quilt called Bed of Roses - first published in Quiltmaker in March/April 1996 (issue 48) and re-printed in Quiltmaker's All-Time Favorites Spring of 2000 (photo of cover below). The original quilt is featured in 30's(?) pastels. I made my block in Christmas-sy fabrics - just in case I ever get around to making a Christmas quilt!

I thought this block might be a bit tricky, thinking that the center yellow part was a set-in seam. Not so! You just make a partial seam and then sew in segments counter-clock wise. When you get to the last seam it joins into the first partial seam - with a straight line. No set-in seam at all, got to love that! All the triangles are flip-and-sew. I made the mistake of eye-balling the triangles on the flower petals (can we say a bit wobbly?). By the time I got to the leaves I found my little mechanical pencil and drew diagonal lines as a guide - so much better! I might make a few more - next time around I will draw a line for all the triangles for a more accurate seam. Still, for a first try, I think the block came out pretty good.

Oh yeah - one more thing... it doesn't seem that seam allowance size really matter on this block! I just just just switched sewing machines and forgot that the 1/4" foot on my current machine really isn't 1/4". So, the block that is supposed to measure 11 1/4" (not sure if that is finished or unfinished size, but that is what the magazine gives for a size) - well, mine currently measures a perfect 12" - so that would be 11 1/2" finished. A bit off in any case, but at least all my points still match pretty good - even on the top, except I chopped it off a bit on the photo.

Anyway, I hope that helps! If you are making blocks for a charity quilt I would be happy to make up a few more to contribute - it didn't take very long at all - just let me know what colors you need and if this size is OK.


Hanne said...

Nice block :-) It call for being tried in other fabric combinations as well

Finn said...

That is a really pretty block, and if you ever decide to do a Christmas Sampler, a great beginning!! And how sweet of you to find that magazine and make a block...a true quilters heart *VBS*

Linda_J said...

Evelyn, it was me and I may have that magazine with the bird on the front. Laura told me it was in the 96 issue but I knew that one was NOT in my library.

It is pretty in the reds but I bet equally as lovely in the 30's that I have a ton of and I bet I even have enough of "that" green to do the leaves as well.

Thanks for your diligent searching!

ForestJane said...

That did turn out cute!

I'm tempted to redraw it in EQ5 so the bits going off to the corners connect, not make a windmill or pinwheel effect... would that make them look like the roses are on a trellis?

Laurie said...

Welcome home! have done aLOT since you got home!!! Love the pics!

cher said...

so very helpful...what a cute block in those colors!

Lauren said...

Do you know the name of this? Can you give me the instructions on how to make it? I've looked all over for this. All I can find is the "prairie flower" and it's close, but not this one!