Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mother's Day Bouquet(s)

These are 2 of my many, Many, MANY Mother's Day bouquets. Almost all of them are tulips and dandelions. I worked ALOT on Mother's Day and Little Boy had a new babysitter for the day... Now, I will be the first to say - she did a very good job making sure he played outdoors. This is what they did... they got the wheelbarrow out of the shed and Little Boy proceeded to FILL the entire wheelbarrow up with tulips, daffadils and dandelions! Took him a couple of hours - I could see them outside, I just had no idea what they were up to! And then he seperated them all out into containers for display (don't you love the bullrushes in the dandelions?). He was so very proud of himself when he showed me his gigantic Mother's Day surprise, smiling from ear to ear and full of kisses and hugs for Momma. Yup - got to order lots and lots of bulbs for the fall! Not every Momma is lucky enough to get an entire wheelbarrow full of flowers for Mother's Day! LOL.


Mama Koch said...

What a wonderful Little Boy! How luck you are!

(i'd keep that babysitter)

Darcie said...

Little Boy certainly did well with contrast and complimentary colors! Wonder where he's picked up those traits? ;-)

Sounds like this babysitter is a great match!

Gypsy Quilter said...

The dandelions are my favorites! What a wonderful, thoughtful gift.

julieQ said...

Good Mama....wonderful little boy!