Sunday, June 29, 2008

June Flowers

Late June and our flowers are looking like this!

Snow in June?

Look closer!!! A field of flowers. Yes - we did have fun rolling around in the field of flowers and took some goofy photos!

Ahhh, the culprit - our huge snowball bush!

Just 2 weeks ago the blooms looked like this...

Our neighbor has huge poppies that have gone by, but I did manage to get this photo right at the end of their season.

What do you think July has in store for us? Little Boy and I will be sitting - watching our peony bush bloom. They smell wonderful! I love peony bushes - everytime I move I always plant at least 1 bush in memory of my Nana... she had the most wonderful peonys. This particular bush has been my most successful one so far - last year it fell over the flowers were so heavy so I caged it this year. LB has discovered that there are more colors available so I do believe that we will be adding a few more bushes in the future.


Candace said...

The flowers are beautiful, I never get tired of the pictures of flowers and scenery on the blogs. I read through a few of your last posts, and I also love reading about your little boy. It is so nice to read about such well loved children, when there is such trouble in the world. I think that that is one thing that is so nice on the quilting and crafting blogs, most take you back to an earlier time when there were such different values than you see from the media. If you watch much TV you would wonder if there were any people left who value family and are honest and hardworking. I guess I am admitting to watching 'much' TV, and I'm guilty, but not proud. Maybe I watch too much 'true tv'.

Anonymous said...

pretty flowers!

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Darcie said...

What gorgeous pics, Evelyn! Looks like everything is thriving in the NE!

I too love peonies. They're so hearty. My Mom has a deep magenta colored one...I don't know the name of it. But it makes the most lovely dried flowers! Even prettier than dried roses!

Enjoy your week!

paula, the quilter said...

That Nellie Moser clematis is beautiful, Evelyn! I am glad to see the LB is such a gardener.

cher said...

fantastic garden Evelyn! always fun to see all your color and what you and LB have been doing-sorry he was so sick a while ago...yikes!