Sunday, September 06, 2009

Cooking Right Along

August is a busy month in the kitchen for me and I've snapped a few photos as I've gone along.  These are all from the past week.  Peach pound cake with carmel glaze, bread, a lobster dinner (I do many, many of these!), fish soaked in buttermilk, roast pork.  I made that bread yesterday and it is almost completely gone so I will make more today.  I like to make 1 lb loaves.  If you like to make bread, invest in a good quality bread knife - makes all the world of difference in cutting!  In Austria we actually have a seperate meat slicer for bread.  Bread will dull a cutting blade so that is why we need 2 slicers.
As we move into September things will slow down a bit for me.  On Tuesday my son starts 1st grade and then I will have the time to sit down and find my desk again.  My quarter is July/Aug/Sept so that is perfect timing!
I'm looking foward to the remainder of September.  The weather is always so nice and my days a bit more evenly paced.  Even so, I woke up at 4:30 am today - it is hard to shake a routine!
I had this thought last night after I published this post... my Nana would have said "cooking with gas". 


Brenda said...

I am glad I already had my breakfast!! All that food could make a person hungry!!
That looks so good!! And I have never made a lobster before.
Son is in grade one this year. Wow. Enjoy the fall.
I agree about the knife for bread - it makes a huge differnce in the cutting if you've got a good blade. Never thought of a seperate meat cutter though. If I made alot of bread, I could see doing it that way.

Tanya said...

Yummy! Please share how you prepare your lobster, I've never done it and would love to try it, you make everything look so easy.