Saturday, December 05, 2009

A High Fever

This week has been as busy as ever with me once again going back and forth to the hospital, this time with my son.  He had a fever which was nothing for too much concern - just needed to be watched and I was giving him Motrin for it.  He actually was scheduled to go to the doctor that afternoon - the fever had come on during the night and I called for an appointment that morning.  And then it spiked up to 40.5 (104.9) and he had a small convulsion and trouble breathing.  Straight to the hospital, I tell you!  Of course, I was home alone when this all happened (DH was at his own DR's appt) so getting him to the hospital was a bit of an adventure with my limited German speaking skills, but get there we did.  A series of blood tests ruled out any virus or flu, no infections either.  Just a high fever. 
The children's rooms are bigger than the adult rooms.  My DH's room had 3 beds to a room, all very close together.  The kids have 4 beds to a room, but with space in between the beds for the "Momma beds".  So, I was able to spend the night.  Not that I slept well, but I was thankful for the Momma bed - much better than sitting up in a chair all night because believe me - I would not have left him there all by himself.  At least I was able to stretch out and doze.  They kept the fever in check, but it went very high again during the night.  But by the next afternoon he was ready to go home  - the picture is of him waiting for the doctor to come make the afternoon rounds to approve a discharge.  He had to go back the next day for a brain wave scan, but I am not too worried about that - eventually they will call me with the results, I am sure.  So all ended well, phew!
Just a note here for those of you with small kids that run fevers... the doctors told me NOT to put him in a lukewarm bath to bring down the fever - this is too much of a shock on the circulation system going from so hot to a lukewarm bath.  I never liked that idea anyway - no kid with a fever wants to get in the bath, but I know some people think it is a good idea.  My Mom always put wet, cool faceclothes on us - and this is what the doctors recommend at the hospital too for high fevers.  And don't overdress them or put too many covers on them - just 1 lightweight blanket.  This is hard because of course they feel really cold and cry for more blankets, but it is for the best.
I still did get a bit of sewing in this week... a little here and there does add up.  I am making progress on my Maple Leaf Logs.

I actually made good use of those little leaf/log blocks I drew earlier - made keeping track of which way I wanted to sew the logs on easier.  And this is what it is looking like so far... the bottom row I need to seam rip the 1st logs off at least 1, maybe 2 of those blocks - I got them mixed up a bit, but on the 1st strip so it isn't a big deal.

This afternoon I am just catching my breath.  We had a lovely afternoon family tea time with a sweet treat!  Everyone in my household is healthy and that is cause for peace of mind.


Doodlebug Gail said...

Evelyn! You poor thing - your little boy looks so small in that big bed. So glad to read that he's okay. I must agree with you though, high fevers are very scary. Here's hoping that you are not visiting a hospital again for a very very long time.

Tamera said...

I'm so glad your son is okay! Your blocks are looking great, by the way!

Lindah said...

oh, my! Evelyn, your life has been so "exciting" here of late. I'm glad the little guy is ok now. And your DH, as well. Certainly reason for celebrating!

Lori in South Dakota said...

Oh what a scare! Glad Little Boy is home and you all looked like the tea was good!

Darcie said...

Ohmygoodness! I am so sorry about School Boy! I do hope and pray that you find out what the cause of his spiking fever was. I know from experience, that is so very frightening.

All my best to you.

Brenda said...

I should really stay caught in my reading my friends blogs!!! I am so glad everything is okay, and he does look so tiny in that bed!!! I am very glad it all turned out well. Huge Hugs to you!! I hope whatever it was that gave him the fever won't ever come back!

Mary said...

So scary, glad he's recovered. My son used to get very high fevers too and I never immersed him in the tub and always used compresses.