Monday, December 26, 2011

December Lights

In December, I really enjoy the lights.  Here are some photos that I took this month around Graz, Austria.  Yes, a very merry Christmas, I am together with my son and DH this year!

This is one of our favorite shop windows - filled with beautiful glass ornaments. 

The little shops that set up in the town square for December.

 This is a little "train" that you can take along the decorated streets to see the lights.  We do this early December before it gets too crowded!  That is my son and DH walking along it - we are on our way UP a hill to the ice skating rink.

I am always a little sad when all the lights come down and then we just have long, cold winter days where it gets dark early.  This December was fairly warm so we went out for after dark walks to see the lights a fair bit.  It was really nice!


Mary said...

I love walking around downtown Minneapolis when the lights are up too.

It was great that you were all together for the holidays.

Shirley said...

oh and look how much lm has grown. I'm so proud that you were able to make the trip. Thanks for sharing. Shirley in Oklahoma

dot said...

Thanks for the great pictures. I really like the glass ornaments also. I am very happy you were with your family for the Holidays and my has your son grown. I remember when he was a wee little tyke. Happy New Year to you and yours and my God Bless your family through out the New Year.