Saturday, April 28, 2007


Like everyone else, I have tons of projects in various stages of completion. I keep picking away at getting things completed so with that goal in mind, I purchased this fabric... all needed to finish up something already in progress (except Little Boy's choices).
Light green and green mottled fabric - I will use this either setting my 9 patch blocks or for my string tulips. $3 a yard, 3 yards of each to give me flexibility.
Front row left - 2 yards of blue fabric - final borders for my checkerboard log cabin. $3 yard.
Front row - the other 2 prints are extra wide quilt backs - I think 105" wide! I got 2 3/4 yard of each for backing fabrics at $5 a yard.
Back row - 2 flannel fabrics (one green butterfly at $1.70 per yard and the other blue flowers for $1.98 per yard) - picked out by Little Boy for a soft blanket. I will just put wrong sides together and probably straight quilt lines up and down to keep it together in the wash. We also got shiny blanket binding for 29 cents a yard - it is a maroon color. Definately not the combination of colors I would have chosen, but it IS his blanket so whatever he wants is just fine!
Where did we find such bargains? At Marden's - one of my very favorite fabic stores in Maine. The trip north? Well, I will save that for another post! Let's just say, I am happy that I stopped at Marden's because, although not the BEST part of the trip, it was 2nd to best.


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures and the 1st best part of the trip to ME. You are so smart to let little boy pick out his own fabrics and shiny binding... he learns everything by making his own choices and having you to encourage that is fabulous! I love reading your posts...

Screen Door said...

The creme with blue flowers is my favorite.

Nancy said...

It's a good thing I don't live near Marden's or I'd do some SERIOUS damage to my household budget at those prices. Looks like a great haul.

Hedgehog said...

I can't imagine my quilting habit without Marden's!!