Friday, January 13, 2012

Fun Baby Booties to Knit!

These baby booties were so quick and fun to knit!  I got the pattern here:
Scroll down for the English version.  I  made the small size and there is a small error - at the decrease for the footsole you need to knit 33 before turning (not 31).  I would assume you would need to knit 35 (not 33) for the large size.  Still, it is a small issue and you really don't notice.  The pattern says you can use straight needles but that was difficult at the heel/foot part so I added some DPN's into the mix.  Size 2.  This is a great pattern for left-over sock yarn because it really only used a little tiny bit of yarn!  I grafted the heel and then ladder stitched up the back - next time around I think I will just knit it in the round.  I know a few people with babies due and these are a fun, quick, easy gift to pair with a baby blanket.  Ummm - make that a store bought (gasp) blanket.  I am opting for quick and easy projects these days!

Speaking of babies - here is a photo of a very funny baby seat/windshield combination I saw the other day while walking the streets of Graz.  I almost always have my little camera in my coat pocket because I never know what I will see.
Graz is a beautiful city...

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I love your quilts and crafts! :)
Hugs, Ulla (from Finland)