Saturday, December 22, 2012

Crafting Together

The other week when I was finishing up this sock, my son was sitting right next to me crafting away on his little cardboard circle loom that he made in school.  I wasn't exactly sure what he was making, but I did notice snips of cashmere, angora and other specialty yarns going into the project!  Much, much care went into selecting each yarn.  
He was anxious to get the weaving part done so his crafts teacher at school would help him finish it on Friday.  

Meet Mr. Turtle!  The circle part is stuffed and sewn onto a double thick layer of felt.
And this lovely ornament he made at school.  My son has crafts every Friday and they always seem to be making neat projects!

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GeoHolly said...

What an awesome school craft and what a fine job he did. He has his mamma's talent :) I just had to google "cardboard circle loom" and found a site that teaches me how to make one. This is definitely going in the "things to do with the granddaughters someday" favorites file.