Friday, February 08, 2013

On The Needles Friday - Fingerless Mitts!

 I have been working on these fingerless mitts - just 1 more thumb and I am done!  Since I am using size 1 needles, it takes a bit of time, but is a fairly easy pattern.  I like the pattern - I have never done a thumb gusset before - I think it gives the thumb more comfort than how I usually do my mittens!  I am going to use this method next time I knit myself a pair of mittens - maybe!

The pattern is from March 2007 Creative Knitting Magazine.  Good news since chances are you don't have that issue - the pattern is also on-line.  They call these "Colorful Wristers" in case you want to do a search if my link to the pattern doesn't work. 
The weather here continues to be gray, gray, gray.  I have heard that this has been the most "sunless" winter in years.
Here is a photo of a random "gray" street.
But today - we had sun for a few hours.  Yeah!  I quickly threw all the pillowcases in the wash and got the pillows outside in the sun for a good airing out!  The sun is the best disinfectant!  My son and DH were recently sick and even though I already washed the pillowcases since then - I always like to give the bare pillows (and favorite stuffed animals) a good sun bath!  Blankets are on the other side.  
I hope everyone is having a good week.  To see what everyone else has been knitting this week, look over on Judy's blog for the link-ups!


Suzanne said...

Smart to use your sun time. I do the same thing during the Winter. I really like the fingerless mittens...good job!

Diane Wagner said...

Your fingerless mitts are great! I love the yarn color. Was this your first pair?

Anonymous said...

I love to see blankets and pillows airing in the sun. It's raining raining raining here. Barely had any summer at all. Your wristers look great. I have made several pairs and enjoy them a lot.

Arlene said...

In the fingerless mitten pattern, I see the abbreviation "M1". I am unfamiliar with this. What does it mean?