Thursday, October 24, 2013

Knitting with Friends

I don't have my own dog, but believe me, I have plenty of dog friends.  They love my knitting... this is Tika.
Bentley is checking out the attention that he thinks Tika is getting - but really, I am knitting - not petting Tika!
I brought my sock to the DRs - good thing because I did have to wait awhile.  I don't mind as long as I have my knitting - keeps me from wanting to look at DR office magazines that probably are loaded with germs, or worse... bite my nails.  Knitting is great for keeping you from biting your nails!
The new puppies in the family - Lola on the left and Tootsie on the right.  My sister lost her Shitzu Yoko this year (she was 14) and had been looking for several months for a new puppy.  Well, these cuties are sisters and she couldn't bear to separate them, so she took them both!  I was trying to keep them down because it is impossible to knit with them chasing after the needles and stealing the yarn... unless they are sleeping (that is Tootsie).
Takes me awhile to knit a sock, as you can see!  This particular one I seem to keep making mistakes and end up knitting a few rows and taking out a few rows.  But, slowly I am making progress.  Even if I am making mistakes - knitting always seems to relax me.
DR ordered me to TRY not to walk around too much and keep my foot elevated for six weeks.  No break, but a bad sprain.  She gave me this wonderful air cast that takes so much strain off my foot - it is so comfy and I am happy to have it.  It has gel inside so you can put it into the refrigerator is you want it to be cool.  If you ever sprain your ankle - I highly recommend getting one if your DR thinks it is good for your situation.  
Mid-terms are over, so maybe now I will have some time to knit!

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