Sunday, February 21, 2016

Knit Baby Gift

One thing I really love...when a community pulls together for a cause. In Canada I lived in a small, rural area where most everyone chipped in for various causes and all knew each other. Whether to help the local school kids, fix feral cats, help someone with medical bills...whatever...donations were/are always generous. Hand knit items, home baked goods, flower arrangements, cords of wood, snow plowing, lobster, gift name it.

I won this adorable hand-knit baby set in a community fund-raiser raffle. So I brought it to Austria full well knowing that babies are born all the time and it would make a nice gift for someone.

In January, I gave it to a classmate of mine for her newborn niece. My classmate,  her brother and his wife are all from a very warm climate, living in Austria...far from family, their own language and culture. They are all learning German but it is a process. The gift was well received.

So, community supporting community...around the world.

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