Friday, April 01, 2016

Spring in Austria

We still have cooler days, but lately it has been in the low-mid 60s. The City of Graz has been busy planting annual flowers and the perinneals are blooming too.
My son loves going for walks with me. I really love that about him. Rain, snow, fog, sun...If I say I want to go for a walk,  he is ready.  We have so many good talks on these walks. I really believe you must listen and converse about the little things, so that when big things come are used to talking with each other. So, we walk...and talk.  Even when I am tired, I try to get a walk into the schedule. The other day we went to the click tower...and usually we go up and down the stairs. But on this particular day, we paid a small fee to take the elevator up and then walked down.
We had fun checking out what flowers were in bloom and watching the salamanders scampering in the sun. I brought a different camera and practiced taking photos on the macro setting. Now I just have to figure out how to put them on my computer. The idea of a Web compatible camera is sounding pretty good to me.
The city looks pretty in Spring!

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