Thursday, November 29, 2007

About those segments...

Those fancy dancy new blocks I posted about the other day.... they are just 6.5" 9 patch blocks sliced in half 2X... see?

All of mine have either blue or purple for the outside pieces and yellow for the inside 4. There are lots of different ways to lay these little segments together.

Why do I have stacks of these segments? Did I have an original plan? Hummm - interesting questions... My ORIGINAL intent was to make Sister's Choice from Bonnie Hunter's site and I had a fair amount of 9 patch blocks made before I got carried away with my rotary cutter! Actually, I was a bit annoyed because my seams weren't coming together perfectly (the dangers of switching sewing machines during the same project) so I thought if I cut everything down smaller it would be less obvious. Of course, about 1/8" is not very obvious anyway so I am not so sure why I thought that bit of a smidge off was so glaring in the first place! I guess it doesn't really matter anymore because almost every single 9 patch is already sliced and I do really like the resulting new blocks. I think it would be fun to make starting out with a bigger 9 patch block too - the 6.5" size cuts down to some small pieces. But back to the project in hand/in progress/started and needing to be finished - I figure that I should have enough segments to make 12 of those 12" blocks I like so much. With wide sashing, cornerstones, double borders - should bring it up to a nice sized bed quilt.
I got the idea for cutting the 9 patches into 4's from a post of Nine's from last November - Don't ask me how I remembered this idea months later or even who posted it, for that matter, but one day - it popped into my head as the perfect solution for my abandoned start on Sister's Choice.
I would like to make Siser's Choice someday... I just won't switch sewing machines mid-project!


doni said...

Cool placement of the disappearing 9patchs. I'm making FOUR of these type of quilts. Who's idea was it anyway to give quilts for college graduations!! Oh, yeah - it was me! I love seeing different layouts.

Love your blog.

Susan said...

Ah, ha! All becomes clear now! What fun! I think I'd go with the 9" blocks, though. I'm just not into small! And I happen to have some 9.5" ones. Actually, I have sixes, too, but I just left them in the storeroom!

Kathie said...

I like how your blocks look. This is a quilt I want to make some day too.
I remembered Nines posting about it too!
Really enjoy reading your blog , your quilt projects and your little boy.

loulee1 said...

I see, so it's kind of a ufo/wip reborn thing. Looks great so far, can't wait to see more.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

So many variables, I know how this can go... the Disappearing Nine Patch is a winner. Knowing you, you'll have a stunning Sister's Choice quilt before too long also.

joyce said...

Love those disappearing nine patches. I like the way you've arranged them. Must give them a try one of these days.

Laurie Ann said...

Wow, that is a good idea!! I'll have to write that down so I don't forget. Thanks!