Thursday, November 17, 2005

Another week slips bye

Well, it is Thursday night. My sewing machine and fabric (plus lots of other goodies in those boxes) arrived on Monday. I spent a happy afternoon washing and ironing the fabrics. Tuesday night was sewing time!!! I picked 5 fabrics and cut out the Trip Around The World quilt from Bonnie's site ( for those not in the know!). The sewing machine was doing a fine job zipping along those long seams, but little by little started to slow down and sloow down, sloooow down and then just stopped. Sigh. Seems like I don't have a strong enough convertor plug or something, so hubby has to check this out with an electrician. It has been a busy week - it isn't like I don't have anything else to do. It is just at night after the baby is in bed, I would love to sew.

Let's see... we have gone to check out a day care. At 2 years, 5 months he is wanting to branch out a bit and play with other kids. So, I have found a nice group for him which is about 7 kids depending upon the day. He can go a few days a week from 8 - 1:30. He will get a snack, lunch, playtime with kids his age. It will be good for him to have his own schedule while I am in school, tackling the task of learning German. I will be in class 5 days a week, M-F 9-12:30 starting Dec. 5th. It is a 3 week class. After that I will go at night M-F from 6-8 for 2 months. So, while I am in school he can go 3X a week, otherwise I will just send him 2X a week. I still like having him at home!

And, we have been to our other playgroup this week to, which is where the Mom's stay while the kids play for 2 hours. I like this group because I am meeting other Mom's. Once the weather gets colder I am planning on hosting a Mom's/playdate breakfast 1X a week at my house. Fortunately, everyone else's English is better than my German (although with all those classes hopefully that will change). So, I am out and about, learning my way around, meeting people, and really enjoy just taking my time walking along with a toddler.

And, we have been to Omi's (grandmother) to visit - she loves to spoil that boy with homemade apple struddle! Plus, the park, downtown, long walks, the bookstore, etc. etc. Factor in 2-3 hour naps every day and all the time sitting at the dining room table eating, then a bit of laundry, housework, etc. - well, there isn't much more time left in a week. Oh yes, and let's not forget the haircut appointment. And play time - lots and lots of playtime. Watch me dance Momma, I'm dancing! Catch me Momma, I want to jump. Play racecar with me Momma. Momma, Momma, Momma. When did my little boy start talking in complete sentences?

I did take a photo of my fabrics and sewing machine, but it is still in the camera, so I leave you with this snapshot of a pumpkin seed oil stand in Austria...

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