Monday, November 21, 2005

My winter stash - photos

OK, well - here is my winter stash. What was I thinking??? What am I going to do with this hodge-podge of fabrics? Scrap quilts are my favorites, but there isn't enough variety to make much. Well, I will just had to add some more to it over time. Anyway, the 1st pile over to the left, plus the oriental floral looking fabric (3rd pile, 2nd fabric down), plus the blue (4th pile, 2nd fabric down) - these fabrics are all cut into 2.5" strips for Bonnie's Scrappy Trips Around The World. The entire 2nd pile over from the left is all cut for Bonnie's Trip Around The World (the Katrina Relief pattern). Once that sewing machine electricity thing has been straighted out, I am ready to sew! At least until I run out of fabric.



JudyL said...

Evelyn: What a wonderful blog! I am so glad you are blogging. Your photos of Austia are gorgeous. Keep it up! If you need anything from the U.S., just let me know.

Judy L.

Nancy said...

Hi Evelyn from another new blogger. Isn't this fun? I'm not sure if anyone reads my blog but I still ramble on. :-) I have a VERY extensive stash and would be happy to send some your way. Is there anything in particular you need? What style?

The Calico Cat said...

Welcome to blogging! (I am new too - & a stashbuster!) You have an eclectic mini-stash! If you need anything - let me know! I have enough to share. Please do visit my blog.

Holly said...

I see you like scrap quilts, too. How fun to live in Austria for part of the year. I'm jealous! You're right about my stash - it regularly gets used up in strippy scrap quilts. Glad to have found you :)