Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Happy Boy And THE Trip North

This is Little Boy - hugging a quilt top, which he immediately adopted when he saw it spread out on the floor - "Oh, Thank You Momma for making me an M&M quilt!" M&M quilt? Well yes - there are 2 strips of M&M fabric. Each heart is a novelty print, fused down and then machine blanket stitched around.
You might remember these blocks from a previous post in September 2006 - Little Boy upended my scrap tote right down the stairs and most of these blocks were in the bottom of that tote. At that time I worked a tiny bit more on them. And - well, then it was getting time for me to leave Canada so they were set aside for my return.
My trip North? Well, it is a long, involved story, but does involve not being allowed to come into Canada with 2 trucks (I was towing a truck), hitting a deer (we are fine, but the truck is damaged), having Little Boy throw up all over himself and me while we are waiting for DH to arrive at the airport, and an unpleasant experience with the US border too. Sigh.
My nerves were VERY frayed by the time I landed under the same roof as my sewing machine. One of my sisters likes to joke that I am like a smoker without a cigerrette when I am without a sewing machine. And she is probably right - because when I am stressed I like to sew, sew, sew - to unwind a bit. I guess there are worse vices though - and you know, despite the size of my stash (which is probably medium-sized compared with other blogger quilters) - I bet you that I spend lots less than a smoker pays for cigs! Plus - just look at how happy my son is about my latest efforts!!!
I will elaborate a bit about the deer because you never know - someone might read and then remember this when it really counts down the road. The deer jumped out right in front of me as I was driving down the highway (highway speed). Fortunately my Dad really drilled it into all of our heads that you never, ever swerve for an animal - no matter what. I know this sounds cruel when it is the neighbor's cat or dog, but I truly believe this lesson really saved my son and I from getting seriously hurt. I could hear my Dad's voice - don't swerve, never swerve. And I didn't. After the fact, I realized that a BIG truck had been coming the other direction and on my side of the road was a ditch, plus a utility pole. Little Boy and I weren't hurt, not one bit, but my truck sure is. And for this, I am so thankful, trucks can be fixed. Don't swerve, never swerve. Oh - and keep your wheels straight when waiting to take a left-hand turn across on-coming traffic (another lesson from Dad!) - this will prevent you from being pushed into on-coming traffic in case someone rear-ends you. Sorry if I have offended any cat/dog lovers out there, but... well, I am just happy that WE aren't hurt.
But the deer? Well that is a funny question (can't believe I can find humor in this situation, but... 2 guys in a pick-up truck slowed w-a-y down to take a look (not that they stopped to help or anything - they just cruised on by - very slowly) - and when the service that goes out to collect dead animals went out to find the deer on the side of the road - they couldn't. How much do you want to bet that the deer was picked up by those guys and is now in their freezer? And a bit of nice news - a total stranger did stop and helped me out, even going so far as to going for coffee for me and apple juice for my son, plus a sandwich and snack bars. Her friendliness was much appreciated and that coffee did help my legs stop shaking!
The BEST part of the trip? We picked DH up at the airport! Never mind that I was covered in puke - thank goodness for a nearby Wal-Mart for a quick change of clothes. Really - even though most Momma's are dedicated "diaper" bag totters - how often do we pack a change of clothes for ourselves! Anyway - we are back together again as a FAMILY!!! Little Boy and I have seen DH for all of about 6 weeks in the past 6 months (at Christmas time). I can't tell you how difficult it is to be seperated, but for the time being I will just enjoy being back together again. Little Boy is so excited that we are all back together again that he won't even sleep in his own room - I've set the port-a-crib up right next to our bed - doesn't he look happy! He just barely fits in there, but that is where he wants to be for now. His I-Spy quilt is being used as a draft stopper as the crib is near the sliding door. See what he is wearing? That is a sleep sack! In Austria utilities are very expensive so you don't heat your house as warmly at night as most North Americans do. Most kids sleep in these sacks - which is a big relief for worry-wart Momma's like me who are always checking to see if the blankets are tossed off! He is very snuggy-wuggy warm in that sack and won't go to bed without it. He has both winter and summer weight sacks. Oh - and that would be my QUILTED bars quilt on my bed!!! Will have to get my other computer hooked up and running as that is where a better photo is saved.
To finish up - here is a photo of my Little Puddle Stomper - out for a rainy-day walk. The weather has been overcast and rainy, but none-the-less, Little Boys need fresh air, even if it is a bit soggy. I can honestly say that I am ready for some nice bone-warming sunshine. In the meantime - what child is not happy stomping through puddles?


Gail said...

Good grief! What an ordeal. I am thankful that you and Little Boy are safe and unharmed. Sorry to hear that you had difficulty with the border folks- it puts me in mind of a story from my childhood. Mother had an elderly aunt who was Canadian, and I was very impressed by this 'old' lady who visited us on her way back to Canada from visiting Egypt and climbing pyramids. I loved her crochety story of trying to bring a bag of grapefruit from U.S. into Canada. She was told she would have to leave it behind, so promptly sat down and ate the whole bag! Hope your situation was resolved as easily.

Doodlebug Gail said...

Wow Evelyn - I am so thankful that you are both unhurt. What an ordeal you went through. Your bar quilt on your bed caught my eye - I'm looking forward to seeing the full photo of it.

What a lovely photo of little boy puddle stomping ..... dress them appropriately and never say NO .... that makes for a happy kid in the puddles.

Mary said...

How busy you've been. Glad you both are unhurt from the accident. The hearts look similar to a quilt I made several years ago from a Sandy Bonsib book.

Elaine Adair said...

Whew - glad you are all in one piece -- can't say the same for the deer!

Yes, my Dad also, taught us DON'T SWERVE!!! Good ole Dads! 8-)

What a lovely lady who helped you out with drinks and a snack while you recovered ... that is one of those generous moments a person wants to repay.

floribunda said...

thanks for your deer advice -- as a matter of fact I heard the same thing (don't swerve) from a quilty friend a couple of days ago -- she hit one several years ago. and my dad taught me to keep my wheels straight while waiting for a turn, too! I'm glad everything has calmed down now...

Susan said...

Wow, that is some story! I'm so glad the two of you are okay. It gives me chills to think of what would have happened if you had swerved into oncoming traffic! I'll bet those two men did go back and get that deer!

I'm so glad you are getting some time with your DH. Are you back in Canada, then?

Fiona said...

I feel exhausted just reading this. Well done to your Dad, that piece of advice has paid dividends. He must have really drummed it into you because our natural instinct is to swerve. Hope you don't have any more adventures like that and you can settle down for a good time with your family.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I am so thankful for many things after reading this...but, the big three are: 1. that you and your precious little boy are both OK--
2. that your Dad gave you such valuable advice (and that you remembered it!)--
3.that your little family is reunited. Enjoy your time together... Live your life with the freedom of a puddle stomper, just for the sheer joy of it!

Happy Valley Quilter said...

So glad that you arrived unhurt. Traveling can be such an ordeal, especially with children.

Your quilt turned out beautifully and the picture is priceless!

hippie quilter said...

In "A widow for One Year" by John Irving, one of many story lines is about a left turn accident where they were pushed into oncoming traffic.

I'm glad that you and your son are safe and your family is together.

Nadine said...

OMG, you just gave me the shivers, Evelyn ! I'm sooo glad you and little boy are safe !
Sooo glad, too that you have your DH by your side, happy dance !
Yes, we too are using those "night bags" as we call them, and I still can recall my children sleeping soooo well in them !

Biiiig hugs & smiles ! Enjoy !

Morah said...

Glad all is ok!!! Love the heart quilt.

Dawn said...

Oh your quilts are beautiful and it was so good to catch up on all the news!

Karen said...

Good driving, Evelyn; glad you are both OK. Another thing about deer is that if they run off the road you can almost count on them to run right back on again and that is when they usually get hit, poor things. My dad also told me always to keep the wheels straight when waiting to turn left and I made sure to mention that a few times to my son, too. Spectacular photos of the beach welcome and little boy puddle-stomping.