Saturday, May 05, 2007

5 More - Done!

Here are 5 more quilts that I got back from my long-arm quilter a few weeks ago. I can't believe I haven't posted these pictures yet, but I've been so busy with other things. Anyway, for size reference - they are on a queen sized bed.

All of these tops are blogged about in detail from last winter (Jan, Feb & March 2006). You might have to search around a bit if you want more info on them, but it is somewhere on my blog!

#1. 3X A Charm - for my son. Flannel backed (orange). I love how this one turned out! Was supposed to be a different pattern that didn't work out and then something else that didn't work and then finally this - hence the name!

2. Octagon Flowers. The quilting on this one is great. Somehow my quilter got mixed up about the binding and used a leafy/blue print?! (which just totally does not match any of the types of fabrics I used in this quilt), not orange. I know I sent her orange for the binding - which is on the Cars & Stars quilt instead. I will probably take the binding off and replace it with an orange one, at some point in time, but for now it is finished.
I gave directions on how I made this one up; it was really fun to make! It was a great pattern for me to use a bunch of geometric fabrics!

3. Fiddle Faddle. I loved this top when I made it. Unfortunately, instead of using standard white (which is what my quilter ALWAYS uses if I don't send her a backing), she decided to "do me a favor" and piece a back for me with the left-over fabric from Octagon Flowers, plus the left-over binding fabric (green and purple!?). Fiddle Faddle is a beautiful, soft, pastel type of quilt and I HATE the lime green backing (although it is the perfect backing for Octagon Flowers). I hate it so much that I cried, literally cried, when I opened the box. OK - so I was having a stressful day and this quilt was the icing on the cake. After a few weeks to think about it - maybe I can use it as a large wall-hanging and pretend that I don't know the back exists? I know I shouldn't get so upset about a backing, but I am just shocked about this back!
Original directions for this one was on Bonnie Hunter's blog at in her July 2005 archives.

4. Bars Quilt - love how this came out - it is currently the "top" quilt on our bed right now (yes, there are layers!). Beautiful and perfect in every way! The green borders are quilted with leaves, the border of diagonal squares is all stitched in the ditch, the outer plaid border is wavy meander with variagated thread and every plain square is quilted with a leaf - small photo attached here of that detail since I didn't have room to include it in the collage! The backing is a wonderful print that I got at Marden's last year. NOT entirely sure why my quilter used a Christmas print (with gold - YIKES!) for the binding, but I think it is good enough - I can live with it.
This was a Gayle Bong pattern from the book "Save the Scraps". My book had a typo in the cutting directions, so if you make this quilt - double check my archives for my notes on this!

5. Cars & Stars - I sent back to my quilter for additional quilting... she did not quilt anything in the green border or the setting sashes. Nothing. This is really strange because her work is really usually detailed. I was afraid that after a few washes all that batting would end up at the bottom of the quilt. So - I will update with more photos after I get it back with more quilting.
Directions from the Wonder Cut Ruler book - was fast and fun to make - I used a novelty fabric with cars on it in the center of the stars and also for the corner stones - which is why the name is Cars & Stars.
So - that would be 6 quilts I got back this spring, including the Heart Sampler I showed earlier - and she has 3 more to go. In the meantime, I am slowly picking away at getting some more tops done to send to her - actually have just finished the Wonky Hearts! Despite the "mix-ups" with some of these, I still love her work and think she is a fantastic quilter. OK - I just won't look at that green backing on my pink quilt!!!
For some reason - I am just not super interested in starting new quilts right now. This is just so not like me - and if this continues - I will soon have most every quilt I've started done too. Wow!


Nancy said...

Those are some great quilts! I'm just sorry that some mistakes by the quilter have left you less than delighted with them. I have to admit I'd have been upset too as I like my backings/bindings to match my tops. Good luck with the next batch!

Hedgehog said...

Congrats on all those finishes!! I just love your octagons - and the back on that one. Sorry about the snafus from the quilter.

Angel said...

Your quilts are absolutely beautiful! Someday I'm going to branch out to more difficult patterns ;)

Personally, as lovely as the quilting is, if I had that many problems, I think I would look for another quilter. I am sure she is being paid well--I think you should be totally happy.

I like the fabrics but I agree with you--just not together!

Mama Koch said...

You've been busy! Sorry to hear about the mess up with the quilter. They look very pretty from here, but I know you're the one who has to live with them!

Elaine Adair said...

What a great a bunch of quilts! And pea green or not, that one -- and the back -- is marvelous! Thanks for all the visual eye candy!

Rose Marie said...

The quilts are all lovely and great eye candy! I can imagine why you would be upset as my backs have to match the front in someway. How are you going to handle the next batch of quilts and backings to ensure you get what you give her?

Samantha said...

Those look wonderful! Octagon flowers is still one of my faves, ever! They all look great!

Laurie Ann said...

The quilts are lovely. I too would be upset after spending all the time and money that you did. Maybe on the next batch you should pin specific instructions for each one. But hopefully you can just ignore the back and enjoy the beautiful front! Good luck finding a new pattern that "grabs" you!

Esteemarlu said...

I liked all the quilts and their backings. I kept looking at the one you didn't like and kept asking myself,"What's wrong with it, there's nothing wrong with it." I liked it,but can understand why you wouldn't if you were expecting something else. Love your color choices.

Hanne said...

Lovely quilts Evelyn :-)
I am glad Little Boy and you made it through unhurt from the car accident.

Fiona said...

Well, I think they are all beautiful, though I can understand why you were upset about the backing. I remember you posting pictures of the tops as you finished them and it's nice to be able to see them as completed quilts.

Linda_J said...

WOW, it is almost like Christmas seeing all the completed quilts. Sorry about the mixup from the quilter--bet she is just as sorry too knowing that you are little less than satisfied.

Patti said...

Looks like you were very productive this last year! I was going to say you've got your work cut out for you binding all of these, but now that I look at the pciture closely it looks like they are already bound. Now all you have to do is enjoy using them!

Darlene said...

Beautiful quilts! I remember when you were busy working on most of them. I'm sorry about the mistakes that were made but hopefully all will work out well.

Shelina said...

These are all such beautiful quilts. You've done a great job. So sorry about the mistakes the quilter made. Maybe she got mixed up the different quilts. Next time, I would try either delivering one at a time - or making a very detailed explanation as to what backing and binding you want with each quilt. Maybe putting them into separate bags, so that it is absolutely clear. And pin some notes on each of the fabrics to say this one goes with this quilt.
The one with the backing you don't like, you can consider adding a false back, like they do with crazy quilts, so you can't see the current back. Maybe just tack it on with buttons or ties with the ties and/or buttons in the back.