Saturday, December 06, 2008

The Week Flew By!

Saturday again, already? It was a BUSY week and today - I hope to sew a little (or at least pin together) - this is my project. You might remember these blocks - in July I pieced the 12 crazy blocks, then made them into stars in October. Off and on in November I pieced the strippy blocks (they are all pieced on phone book pages) for the border and made the sashing units. So - now, finally in December I am up to setting them altogether! Slow and steady wins the race. I won't know how that pieced border fits until the center is done - I have extra blocks made... just in case. I am thinking that I will have to add a narrow spacer border to make that outside edge fall where I want it to. Better photos when I get to the next step - these are a bit washed out, but at least you get the idea.
What did we do this week? Well, Sunday we made our first batches of Christmas cookies. And SB missed a day of school this week, there was no helping it - we had to make a business trip - a long one at that which unfortunately to my sea-sickness prone son involved a rough boat ride. You know it is going to be rough when the chairs are chained down.
But, as always - I try to combine a bit of fun with business. I can NOT believe that SB went down this water slide at the hotel... I am scared of heights (this thing has to be at least 3 stories) and there is no way you would get me up there. Good thing DH was with us and he went down with SB.

And SB got to go on some fun rides at a popular indoor amusement park we visited.

I successfully stayed out of all the big box stores - DH was just amazed that I did not want to go shopping, but really, I already have all the Christmas shopping done (and wrapped) and personally, I don't like to bring SB into stores. So, we went to a pet shop and looked at all the fish (SB's first time in a pet store - he loved that!) and went out to eat instead (for our other meals we had packed a huge cooler and our hotel room had a fridge and microwave - when traveling with kids - for the most part it is easier to have your own food with you). DH always does an excellent job of packing "picnics"!
Wednesday night the library hosted a Christmas party for the kids and we went to that. SB made a cute little craft project! Thursday is my busy day with early breakfasts at the restaurant, quilting group from 9-12 and then SB had a play date in the afternoon at a friends, and I stayed to visit with the Mom. Thursday night we made St. Nicholas bags for his classmates (we filled them with oranges, Hershey Kisses, Werther's originals, Life Savers, a candycane, a pencil and Christmas stickers). Friday he had 2 friends over to play. Also during the week somehow we managed to get homework done, I worked on my paperwork and managed to do all the other normal stuff that needs doing. After SB was to bed - at night I put the final borders on Scrappy Bargello and pieced all my Rose blocks together (but now I am thinking that maybe I did that last week?) and made SB 3 little balls for juggling - I still have to take the photos though. And I made a few 9 patch blocks for my quilt groups quilt too.
Last Saturday we went to the school to see Santa. Plus I seem to remember that we celebrated Thanksgiving with all those kids. Was that really only a week ago? It seems like it was ages ago! And see - that is 1 week - just flew right on by!!!!

THIS Saturday is St. Nicholas Day. SB left DH's shoes outside the door last night - thinking he would get ALOT of goodies in a bigger shoe, but St. Nicholas founds SB's shoes and left them outside the bedroom door, filled with goodies for a good boy! He was so excited! Today we are celebrating by having a special fondu dinner -

So- I'm off to start my salads for the fondu (we will have lots of food because DH also makes some of HIS favorite salads!) I also am going to at least PIN the quilt blocks together - might not actually get to the sewing bit until tomorrow but once the pinning is done - I will be 1 step closer, right?


JudyL said...

Love your string quilt - especially the border and those little blocks in the sashing. Poor SB! Sitting in that chair trying to avoid being sick makes me want to hug him! Whew . . I wouldn't have gone down that water slide either. Good for you having all your shopping done and wrapped already!

Martha said...

I love the string border for the star quilt! It has lots of interest.

Susan said...

What a busy time you've had. I absolutely love what you are doing with the string quilt. I've been making those bits and pieces blocks for the last year and have about 30 of them ready for the sawtooth star points - when I get around to it. I like the border you chose to go with your blocks, and your setting is great, though I'll probably set mine together.

That shot in the airplane is great!

Laurie said...

LOVE the new quilt! It's stunning!

Jeanne said...

Hooray -- St. Nicholas came! What fun to have MANY kinds of celebrations to cherish. How was your fondu party? I remember you sharing pictures of a fondu a year or two ago.

Hanne said...

Lovely string quilt Evelyn :-)

Quayquilter said...

I just love the string border

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh he is getting so big!