Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I made this pillowcase for a grand niece - she's a horse girl and long ago outgrew her pony - she rides her Dad's great BIG horse. There are some nice tutorials out there for pillowcases - and I liked the idea of encased seams (I even did French seams on the long seams), but if I followed the directions exactly - those horses would be running sideways. I didn't want that! So, I just put the fabric down on the floor, put my pillow on top of that, and sort-ov free-hand cut the horse fabric out with scissors - adding extra, extra (French seams) on the sides for seam allowances. Then I rotary cut it nice and straight. And then rotary cut the red mottled fabric the same size. Viola - reversible pillowcase - with the novelty fabric upside right. I have a bit more of that horse fabric, so it might make a re-appearance some day in another project, but I bought it specifically to make this pillowcase, so I am glad to have that accomplished!
And, since I made a pillowcase for SB's cousin - I had to make him one too. His is for a small pillow and made out of a scrap of flannel I had on hand. He is very happy with it - so much so that since he is sound asleep on it for the night, I can't take a photo!


SueR said...

A reversible pillowcase--hadn't thought of that. What an interesting idea!

Esteemarlu said...

I like your pillow cases. I'm going to have to make some with my big stash. I can't get over how much you accomplished in 2008. I'm very very impressed.