Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bean Pot Cookie Jar

Do you have a cookie jar? I always think of cookie jars as being cute. Mine isn't cute. But I like it alot. I don't know if it is just New England, or all over - but these were everywhere when I was growing up. Crocks, jugs, pots - all painted the same. We used to have a large crock and every year Mom would go out in the woods and cut pine branches off the trees and string white lights on it. She liked that better than the Christmas tree.
This bean pot was a gift to me, from my brother-in-law. It came from his family home. Anyway, I've always thought of it as a special gift from a special place in his life, so it is special to me. And we put it to good use around here.
Here's a photo of the latest batch of cookies (minus a few!). We almost always make the same kind - gingerbread molasses. Actually, I just mix up a big batch of dough and then keep it in the fridge - then we make a tray at a time. Fresh cookies all the time! My son just loves cookie cutters and takes his job of picking out what cutters to use for each batch very seriously! What's that you see... dog biscuits? Ah, yeah, well - we DO have 3 different dog biscuit cookie cutters. For April Fool's Day he is going to bring in dog biscuit shaped gingerbread molasses cookies to his class. He thinks this will be a fine joke!


Lindah said...

Haha, I like SB's April Fool treat idea. Good sense of humor.
Very nice cookie jar! Much better than a plastic bag. :^P

JudyL said...

I do not have a cookie jar and I've always wanted to get one . . just never could decide on one. Love the idea of doggie biscuits for cookies. How cute is that?

Tanya said...

I am emailing you a picture of my cookie jar. It has very special meaning to me it was my step-mother's and I cherise it, I don't use it I usually put my cookies in the microwave to keep them fresh.