Wednesday, February 04, 2009

It's Only Fabric, Right?

Yesterday was a very long day - I was gone for 15 1/2 hours. It was cold. It was storming. Did I mention it was storming? Yup, long day. But, I got the things done that needed to be done, plus a bit of shopping (not much as I only had a couple hour gap in my schedule - most of my day involved travel, but shopping is shopping!), went out for dinner and got safely home, so all in all - a good day. After my meeting (only business would have me out yesterday) - first off, I picked up a few goodies for SB's classmates for Valentine's day. And a Matchbox car for him -he just loves it if I bring him a car. Some great "work-out" clothes from Value Village (this is a great store we have in Canada of all used clothing - the store is huge, spotless and well organized!). I got name brand sports pants for $2.50 a pair, plus 2 vests and tops for layering. Score! Still happy about my bargains - I got the oil changed on the car... and the mechanic very nicely told me - I need new tires. Sigh. Well, at least I know so now I have to go back and get new tires soon.
And... being near the fabric store of course I popped in there. No new quilting fabric for me - still working on using my stash, but I did come out with knit fabric, matching thread and a double needle for sewing knits (for the hem). I already have the pattern (Simplicity 2766) - I just haven't used it before. I am going to make that dress - a bit longer though. Yesterday lots of pretty knits were priced at buy 1 meter, get 2 meters free.


I have a sister that prefers to look at the line drawing of a garment, so here is that version. It is only 5 pattern pieces! I know it looks simple and boring, but the fabric is pretty and I think it will look good. I picked this pattern in particular because it is a largish print. Fingers crossed that it doesn't come out looking frumpy. Really, it should not take too long to make so I guess I will find out soon enough. I wish I had a scrap of a solid contrasting fabric for the neckband and wrists, but I don't and didn't think of it when I was at the store... so I will just make it all with the 1 fabric.
So, I've got the fabric all washed. And now I am 2nd guessing my pattern choice. But I have to remind myself - hey! It is only fabric. It is only fabric. Cut it. Make something. If it comes out - great. If it doesn't - well try a different pattern next time. Right? When making clothes - if using very expensive fabric it is a good idea to make a cheap version 1st. My knit is super nice, but at that bargain price so I will just measure me, double check the measurements against the paper pattern, cut, quickly hand baste to double check the fit and then serge. Once it is serged there really isn't any adjustment you can make which is why I baste first. I am not going to change my mind about the pattern - I am going with it. After all, it is only fabric.

The great thing about sewing clothes - because I usually make very simple patterns - it goes together fairly fast. It is nice to mix a few fast projects in with the time consuming quilts that I also like to make. A finish always makes me feel much more productive! Usually my biggest issue with sewing clothes is having a very large table to cut the pattern out on - tomorrow is quilting group and we have lots of tables in the hall where we meet - I will push 2 together and cut out the dress there.
Speaking of quilting: Happy Jacks progress - I've made 4 more blocks... 9 more to go...


Jeanne said...

You're geting so much accomplished these days!

call me crazy said...

I love the quilt in your header! Beautiful quilting! You are really getting a lot done this winter! Happy Jacks looks fun. :-)

Susan said...

I like that pattern. When I sewed a lot of clothes, I always tried to get patterns like this that had several mix-and-match pieces. I'm glad you go home safely!

lila said...

YOur quilts are amazing!
I htink you have good taste in patterns too! Happy sewing!