Sunday, March 22, 2009


Isn't this the neatest zig zag fence? I like craftsmanship of all kinds and often take quick snapshots of things I see as I travel along my way. This particular fence is walking distance from my house and I want to go back and take more photos - especially of the corner. But the particular day I took this photo - my son and I were out riding bikes and this is what I captured as we zoomed by.
So, what does the fence have to do about my blog post Over-Inspired? Well, because I think that I have been over-inspired lately and somehow that makes me feel a bit fenced in. There is a danger in subscribing to many blogs and clicking through, click, click, click just to quickly see what others are up to. Ohhhh, so many pretty things. Great designs. Beautiful fabrics. When I see many all at once I tend to overlook the fact that what I'm seeing takes many hours to create. For me, it just gets me to thinking I should make that. Maybe my project isn't so nice afterall. Why don't I have those fabrics? Or too many magazines. Or too many pattern books. And somehow, all that combined together sort-ov fences me in. The fence brings me up short, stops me cold. And somehow leaves me feeling a bit blue instead of excited about my wonderful world of quilting and sewing.
Keeping a running tally helps me realize that I AM creating, on my own schedule, on my own time-line. This winter I really have not made alot of personal projects, most of the sewing that I have done is for the group quilt. I made myself a top that I love, a dress, pants for my son, stuffed animals, knit some socks for my son, a dishcloth and a few other odds and ends. Quilt blocks... because I like to make blocks more than any other aspect of quilting. And have 2 tops up to the border stage. When you add it all up, it does amount to something! In the meantime, I spend extra time with my son, my beginner reader, my excited learner! Homework, playtime, just normal household stuff, plus work. And then I am tired and the day is over. Just like everyone else.
So, I continue onward. However, I am REALLY limiting myself to the amount of time I spend dreaming/thinking/planning over a pattern or project. I am limiting myself to just 5 quilt blogs for the month. Five. I can't let myself get over-inspired and then getting the feeling that somehow I am at loose ends with my own stuff. So, I am sewing. My sewing machine has been humming along. I am not so sure that I love what I am making, but I am committed to finishing it. As each piece comes along, I am starting to like it a bit more. And am inspired to make just one more block before I quit for the day. Nothing wrong by being inspired by my own work, and since it is mine, I am not over-inspired! Phew!
Does ANY of this post make ANY sense to ANY one else???


Brenda said...

Your post made sense to me!! I am really bad for doing exactly what you wrote about, seeing something someone did, and than haveing to try it for myself..... I understood how you were feeling and I agree.
You are doing great if you are working at your own pace on your own goals and there is nothing wrong with that at all!! Keep that up and you are going to be way ahead of the game!! And as for working on a project you are not sure you like, keep going. I usually do like it at the end, even though all the way through I was questioning every step I took with it!! Surprise yourself!!

Jeanne said...

{{{Sending you a hug}}}
I'm completely in a tangle these days about what I 'should' be doing versus what I 'want' to be doing :(

You're getting PLENTY done -- you're being a Momma every day and that's a HUGE accomplishment, to say nothing of the rest of your daily round of responsibilities. You are absolutely correct in picking and choosing what's right for you to spend your time on!!!


Lindah said...

Oh,yes! I do understand. I waste entirely too much paper printing out ideas and way too much time on the blogs. You say "5 blogs"? That encourages me to go ahead and cut back on the blogs. It just takes so much time. I'm coming to realize that many of the blogs are not fitting into my interests and I need to be "practical" and drop them. There are my favorites --and those are a lot--that I will keep. I no longer do online group quilts. They tend to frustrate/fence me in. I want to be free to do my own thing as I have the time to do it. Don't need any more deadlines in this life.
Yep, I understand what you are saying.
And I had to chuckle about "not loving" what you are working on. I get to that point on nearly every quilt I work on, but 99% of the time that reverses when I get it almost finished. Same with my husband when he sees what I'm working on. He will tell me later that he wasn't so sure about this one, but likes it now that it is all together.
Enjoy that little guy of yours! Too soon they grow up!

The Calico Cat said...

COMPLETELY! You sould like you were in my brain!

Although there is not way I could limit myself to 5 blogs. (Maybe I could limit myself to visiting those who visit me & leave a comment...)

That is part of the reason why I am doing a lot more skimming & photo looking these days...

Mary said...

I'm getting around to everyone's blogs much less frequently these days too. There is a lot of inspiration out there and while I'm afraid I'm going to miss something neat, I have so much here to keep me busy.

This year I'm trying to find balance between quilting tops that have been sent to me for HeartStrings and creating my own quilts. I'm happiest when I spend half my time piecing and half quilting otherwise it starts to feel like work to me.

I'm also trying to remind myself that I have years ahead of me to quilt - I don't have to make every quilt I want to make this year or next.

Lori in South Dakota said...

yes, it makes sense! Sometimes we need the stimulation, sometimes we have to step back and smell the flowers!

Shasta said...

I feel the same way too sometimes. I have hundreds of blogs I read, and sometimes when I see so many accomplishments, it makes me feel slow, and it is frustrating that I can't quickly make all the things that the blogs inspire me to make. I do have to slow down and realize that there are hundreds of bloggers, and each one's progress is just as slower than one blog post. I also have to realize that each person prioritizes their time differently and has different set of circumstances. In addition, I have to remember these bloggers aren't telling me what I should be doing - and even if they were, who are they to tell me what to do. Mostly it is my own expectations that I have to manage.
By the way, you are one of the bloggers that impress me at how much you get done.