Thursday, March 19, 2009

Group Quilt Progress

Last week my quilt group put our top on the frame - I didn't really help as only so many people can stand and hold the edges... so I took a photo!

The day before I left on vacation 3 of us got together to make the corner blocks, well - what a project! In 3 hours the 3 of us got 1 done (the block is paper pieced and then later was reverse appliqued into the border). M. did the other 3 and she told me that it took her 30 hours, plus she seriously strained her eye - ouch. So, we all learned how time consuming small paper pieced blocks can be! I wish I could have helped more with these corner blocks, but we had only decided in the meeting before to make them, so I did what I could before leaving.
Quilt group meets again today... the hand quilting can now begin. We are about 2 weeks behind schedule (we had several snow days this winter), but this quilt will be faster to quilt than last years so I think we are just perfect, timing wise.

I am not sure how much quilting I will do as my hands/fingers hurt from the cold weather. We are discussing starting another smaller quilt to raffle for funds for our group, so I will probably just bring my cutting stuff and sewing machine today to work on that. Last year our main quilt raised $6,000 for Rotary (!!!) and our smaller quilt raised mid $300s (can't remember the exact amount) for our own group. Our group pays the church where we meet (to help cover the high cost of utilities) and we have other small expenses, so we were very pleased last year with our small raffle quilt!


Tanya said...

Awesome quilt, what dedication, you all should be very proud.

Brenda said...

That is one beautiful quilt!! And I didn't realize the corner stone blks would take that long!! I have a pattern for one, and I just didn't know what fabrics to use to make it 'pop' so I have not tried it yet..... now knowing it's going to take awhile, I won't go in thinking I'll have it done in an hour!! (like I was thinking!!!)

Beautiful star blks. I really hope you do as well this year as last. Nope, change that! I hope you do better than last year, and also with the one for your guild!!

May the quilting go smoothly!