Monday, May 25, 2009

New Sneakers!

Asics Gel 1140's to be exact. Ahhhh. Now, I know that these sneakers haven't had stellar reviews for long distance runners, but I just knock around the block (ie - NOT long distance runner!) and love my Asics.. Narrow through the arch with wiggle room for the toes. Love them! I did try on a more popular pair, but they were cut a little higher and seemed to rub a bit on my ankle bone. No thanks!
Here is a photo of ALL my shoes. Let's see... new Asics, old Asics (2100's - now demoted), Ryka's (my favorite walking around shoes), Reef slaps (you can get these at good surf shops and believe me - they are worth every penny - excellent arch support!) and my "dress up" Champions. Winter boots are already put away for the season. The Champions have to go soon - I am looking for a more comfy pair of "dress-ups". Maybe I am turning into my mother. She only wore sneakers. Certainly I scream "American" when I am in Europe with my white running sneakers. I do have a pair of Rockports over there for dress-up, but gosh, I love my sneaks! I DID have a "real" pair of shoes for emergency use- I wore them to a funeral this week and they are now in the goodwill box - never to return to my feet. The Champions would have been just fine... people are used to me always wearing sneakers! No more emergency use shoes for me!
I don't really buy alot of "new" clothes for myself. I love the bargains at used clothes stores... but I always buy top quality sneakers. And we wear UV blocking sunglasses. And UV beach shirts. And our winter gear has to be warm. And we need WINDPROOF windbreakers. Otherwise, I don't think I am really picky. Gosh, I've had most of my clothing for YEARS. Once I find something I love - I don't part with it easily... except sneakers which need to be replaced when worn. Although... in addition to my long awaited for new sneakers, I did treat myself to a new sunvisor hat yesterday. I like it because the underside of the brim is black to cut the glare, but the top of the hat is white to reflect the sun. My son got a drink bottle, plant for his garden and a Matchbox car. And we went out for lunch. Oh, and we had to replace his 3 year old kiddie pool as the other one just won't last another season. $16 for a summers worth of entertainment - a bargain... he just loves his little pool! A quick trip, but we did have a good time.
Shopping - always an adventure. We live 3 hours from the store, but yesterday was a beautiful day for traveling so it wasn't that bad. Here is a photo of my son... en route. He is sitting on the upper steps playing a little penny flute. He is NEVER quiet!


JudyL said...

I'm with you on the shopping. I also have a hard time finding shoes that I love and when I do, I wear them til they fall apart.

Shirley said...

Oh my a 3 hour trip for shoes. Makes me thankful for a 1 hour drive to the big ciy.