Thursday, May 28, 2009

May Snippets

Basted (see the fun back!) and... I am machine quilting it myself it is so little. Using a walking foot I did double squares inside the green and then stitch in the ditch around the pieced squares and X's through the centers. Just have to decide on what to do in the border and I can bind it!
It has been a cold week - mid 40's straight through with wind. SB and I did ride the tandem bike over to the cove one day... here he is wearing one of Nana's headbands. My Nana died 11 years ago but her headbands live in probably just about every family members jacket pockets! Anyway, I for one really treasure the headbands - they fit perfectly under the bike helmets.

And today - for some reason he needed to spray paint this tube. And then a dowel to match. And then I had to figure out how to make some sort of spy scope out of the pieces. It kept him occupied for awhile anyway. Crafts are always good just so long as there is no spray painting in the house!. As an added bonus - he spray painted a flower gold for me - he was very proud to announce that I am the only Momma with a real GOLD flower! He is sooo cute!

Even though it is cold, we are spending more time outside. At least the flowers are out (these are apple blossoms). Last year waxwings came by the 100s to the apple blossoms and I am hoping they come back again this year. But what I am really hoping for is some warm (but not hot) sunny days so I can sit out in the sun - I am so tired of the cold. Brrr, enough already!

My mixer died month before last... a new one has finally been ordered and should be here this coming week. In the meantime - my baking has to be mixed with a wooden spoon. Banana bread fit the bill this week. When the new mixer arrives I have baking plans!

Here is a photo of 1 of 2 of my stray cats - Momma kitty. She has 3 kittens - 1 is black (like the father), 1 is a very fluffy gray fur ball - and this one looks just like Momma. Wild little spit fires! The other day the father cat brought a live vole to Momma kitty - interesting present. I hear the vet will be here June 3rd so I've got to call the stray cat association to borrow their cat carriers and at least try to capture up the 2 adults for shots and to get fixed.

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The Calico Cat said...

Bribe the kitties with canned cat food - one of the stinky kinds, they'll go into the carrier...

(Human canned tuna should work too.)