Thursday, June 04, 2009

And that was May!

How did it get to be June already? I am hoping for warm weather up ahead as May stayed a pretty steady 8C (mid 40's) most the month.
A quick re-cap... I celebrated my May birthday. One of the ladies at quilt group makes a monthly birthday cakes ... she does lovely cakes!
Sewing wise - what did I make? Well, I did make that summery dress I blogged about earlier - but I can't take a photo of it until it warms up enough to actually wear! I have been working on a 2nd dress and am making progress. 1 thing at a time!
I did that small baby quilt and have it almost completely quilted now. And - I did finish my Courthouse Steps quilt top.
And, I've started another diamond project - I am determined to conquer diamonds. Sooner or later it will happen.
Pitiful, pitiful, I absolutely can NOT remember what I did unless I review my photo card on my camera. I swear - I would forget my entire life if I didn't take photos along the way! And then I download them onto my computer by month/year. My saving grace because how could I possibly explain to people that I just don't remember making an entire quilt top - but then when I review my photos - oh yes, I DID make that quilt top. Hummm. Oh and we did lots of fun things too during the month of May....
Right - so a bit out of order... but we went bike riding some, I've was good about going to the gym 1X a week, I went to quilt group, our community had a great concert, I went to a funeral, the Momma kitty brought out her 3 baby kittens, we went away for a few days, my friend knit me a fabulous scarf, I got new sneakers, the apple trees are in blossom, the humming birds arrived as well as 100's of other springtime birds, AND finally - my kitchen sink is installed. Life is bliss I tell you (or would be if it would just warm up a tad bit). I KNOW - because I have the photos to prove it! I wouldn't think that you could pack that much into a mere month, but obviously we did!
And this is so cute - my son - searching for tadpoles last weekend. Yeah, we spent a few hours at this ditch - but I brought a book and my handy-dandy portable beach chair and we both were very happy!


Shasta said...

I'm like that too - I need pictures to remember what I did! It sounds like a wonderful May. Hope the rest of the year goes splendidly as well.

Lori in South Dakota said...

I remember catching tadpoles, it was fun!

Susan said...

You know what? Little Boy is not so little any more! He's growing like a weed!