Friday, August 14, 2009

Diagonal Set

I've decided to go with a diagonal set for these blocks - that will save me from having to make more! They are laid out on the back of a pink quilt because I want to make this new top the same size as the one underneath. My lazy way of measuring. The finished quilt underneath is 63X75 and I like that size. Maybe, just maybe I will be able to get the rows pinned together today so I can get this up off my floor.
Speaking of floors... I hate my commercial kitchen floor. Whoever puts white flooring down in a commercial kitchen? I don't know, but it was here when I bought the place and here it still is. Down the road I will replace it with industrial tiles in blue/gray. In the meantime - trying to make it look clean is a constant battle. Just 2 days ago I scrubbed it with industrial strength bleach (who knew bleach came in different strengths?). Still dingy white/gray. Well, today I tried out a new industrial cleaning product that costs $$$. But lookie there at the results from just 1 tile...

A few photos of my next door neighbor's beautiful flower garden.


Brenda said...

I love the blks in your new quilt!! And measuring that way makes sense to me!! If it works, stick with it.
And that one tile does look alot brighter doesn't it??!!?? Are you going to clean more then???......
And those flowers sure do look pretty. It is rainy and yucky today, blah kinda day - so seeing bright beautiful flowers is very nice!! Thank-you!!

JudyL said...

Not sure it would cost any less but have you ever used a product called Once & Done? I like it a lot for cleaning floors.