Wednesday, August 05, 2009

July Was a Blur

How can it be August already? Seems like summer still hasn't arrived in my part of the woods - almost every day has been cold, overcast, foggy, drizzly. But, my summer schedule is busy and I have long days, often on my feet for 12 hours or more at a time. Fortunately my son is very happy at day camp and goes Monday-Friday from 9-5. Still, the two of us find the time to enjoy the beautiful scenery around us. This is a photo of a herring weir down the street from one of our evening walks.
Sewing wise - July was the month of curtains - I made curtains for 2 bedrooms (plus I did 1 bedroom in June), 1 bathroom and the laundry room. Phew. I've shown photos of all in previous posts, except for 1 bedroom... maybe sometime in August I will get a photo taken? But let's face it, curtains aren't as exciting as quilts so I am not really super motivated to go take a photo of that 1 curtain! I did finish a small baby quilt in July too.
One thing that made July a bit easier for me... FINALLY, after 2 years of not having my own kitchen sink and counters - my own kitchen is usable! Not that I've been without a kitchen - I have a commercial kitchen, but it is inconvenient seeing how it isn't exactly in my house. It is so nice to have my own kitchen up at the house! Just basic - but certainly an improvement! My birthday was in May and I was adamant that all I wanted was a kitchen sink (which also meant jacking up the kitchen floor about 2 1/2" and adding the cabinets. My house is very uneven! The house was creaking and groaning away while being jacked up and finally the process had to stop or else none of my closet doors would open anymore. If you look very closely at the photo you might see how uneven the kick part of cabinet is, but the counter top itself is level and that is what counts. I have fabric to make curtains for the bottom shelves.

Moving right along into August... Current Projects: I am working on my son's school sweater - progress is being made. I've got the front and back now done and have cast on the 1st sleeve! Here's a photo from before the front was done.

I need 20 more string blocks to get this quilt up to the size I want, plus a narrow inner border of dark purple and a wider outer border of pink. Or maybe I will set the blocks on point as I like that look too. I finally decided to make it smaller than originally planned. I laid the blocks down on one of my favorite quilts for size fit - as I will make it this size. It is a good size for picnics, the beach, back of the car, travel, etc. I'm not sure the exact size, but it fits on the top of my queen bed minus the pillow area without an overhang.

And, I've still got to find that missing row for my star quilt and fix the one incorrect segment.

I've got to cut out some new PJ's and pants for my ever growing son too. *
I figure if I get 1-2 of those things done, along with my daily schedule, I will be doing very well!


Brenda said...

I am glad you have your kitchen back!! And I am sorry the weather hasn't been as warm and nice as it should be - I was very happy to finally have hot days, but they seem to be gone now.... they say this weekend will bring them back (not as warm, but not this cold either...) we will see!!
I love the sweater - it does seem like school is coming up fast..... oh well, it has to come eventually, but couldn't it wait a bit longer!! August did seem to show up rather quickly!!
have a great weekend!!

Amy said...

I amsure your son will look handsome in his new sweater, lucky young man he is. please post a pic of him wearing it. sorry to hear about the weather.have a great day,Amy