Wednesday, November 04, 2009

On The Mountain Top!

A quick weekend trip to my sister's in NH - and we hiked Mt. Kearsarge (3268 feet).  We did it the easy way - drove way up and then went up a 1/2 mile trail to the summit.  My son was soooo excited to reach the peak and had a wonderful time.  Truly, a fantastic 1st mountain summit experience for a 6 year old.  Here he is with an older cousin enjoying the view.  His cousin has a firm hold on him because he didn't want him to fall, so cute!
There was a lot of rain recently and the trail up was like walking across stepping stones in a brook.  The sun was shining and the water was all sparkle-y. 

New Hampshire isn't called the Granite State for nothing.  The entire top of the mountain is granite.  Here is my son - making great progress just like a little moutain goat.  Mountain climbing is in his blood - his grandfather (my DH's Dad) loved climbing mountains.  He died many years ago in Nepal - he got strep throat on a climb and by the time they reached Katmandu it had gone to his kidneys and he died.

We dressed in layers.  Started in jackets and peeled them off as we went along.  As soon as we reached the top - on went all the winter jackets/hats/mittens.  It was really cold and windy up there!  The boys had fun squishing down behind various rocks looking for the perfect wind-break.  It was a good lesson because I explained that even in the summer time you shouldn't climb a mountain without warm clothes in your pack, no matter how warm it is when you start out.

Down at the parking area there are picnic tables.  Isn't this a lovely picnic spot?  We ate our lunch at the summit though.

This is a photo of my sister's back yard.
New Hampshire sure is beautiful!

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Brenda said...

I am sorry to hear about your Dad. But, I am sure he enjoyed the climbing and the experiance before he left - it would be something to do..... I read a great story about someone who climbed there..... not something I think I want to do myself!! I will climb like you did - and have a great picnic while I am doing it, then home to a comfy bed and great memeories!!
Love the adventures you take me on!!! I am so glad I found your blog, I love it!!! I am glad you got to visit your sis for a bit.