Monday, November 02, 2009

A short visit

My son and I have been on the road again.  I just love driving straight through Boston!  Drive, drive, drive.  But the visit was worth it!  Headed to see the family!

You might be able to just make out the large square building in the far right of this photo - that is the hospital my son was born in.  You aren't a Cape Codder unless you are born on the Cape.  In the 1920's when my Dad was born, this was a very big deal.  Grandpa got a teaching job off-Cape and Dad was due in September,  What to do?  Nana said she wasn't going to have a "wash-ashore" (someone born off-Cape but who lives on the Cape) and refused to leave Cape Cod soil - never mind the fact that she was by herself, the hospital was 45 miles away on a dirt road and she had to go crank up the car when she went into labor... my Dad is a Cape Codder.
We did try to stay with Dad, but he smokes cigars in the house and my son has allergies.  We manage in the summer with the windows/doors wide open, but in cold weather - it didn't work.  So after 2 days we were rescued and moved to a house with this view... ahhh.  And we had a wonderful visit with the occupants of that house too!

One day we went to a shellfish festival and boy, did they ever have shellfish! 

They had a kid's area with a boat filled with things from the local seas. 

And, I saw something I never saw before... a BROWN preying mantis on the beach - I never knew that they turned the color of sand!  I've only seen green ones before.  Who knew?

Of course, we saw my big family and my son got to play with lots of cousins.  Good times.  I'll leave you with a photo of yet another family Dog - this one is Willie.  He is really sweet, but a big goof-ball.  If you read the book Marley - he is like that.  Seriously.  But how could you not love a face like this?  He is now the proud Grand-pappy of 11 squiggling, grunting puppies.  Precious!

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Cape Codder in Montana said...

It was so nice to have you here! I LOVE that brown hat that you made for yourself, just saw it when I scrolled down. IMP