Monday, January 31, 2011

Quick Trip North

I went on a quick business trip to Canada this past week.  This photo was taken from the hotel room at The Delta in Fredericton, NB.  I brought my son to Fredericton this past summer and it is a delightful place when it is warm outside.  This trip - well, a bit cold to my liking:
Do you see that?  -20C  (that would be -4F) during the DAY.  Brrr.  Love that little temperature thing on my mirror.  I had to warm my truck up for a good 10 minutes before driving.
Nice in snug in the beautiful hotel room.  Didn't even have to go outside - ate at their restaurant.  
A shot from my travels along the shore.  So very cold that the ocean vapors are very thick!  Brrrr.  Did I already say that?
Photo above taken at a red light somewhere in Maine.
And along the way - when I just need a stop-over hotel - I stay at my favorite road trip stop - Motel 6 - their bedspreads say Motel 6.  Don't you love it?  Very basic, but clean hotel rooms and the rooms aren't frigid when you check in - got to love that when it is so cold outside.  Just remember to bring your hair dryer inside because they don't have them in the rooms.  I always get a kick out of that, but since I know about it - I pack accordingly.  Helps to be flexible when you travel.  
And now I am back.  Phew.  Long drive in not always the best of winter weather.
Canada on the left side of the river/USA on the right.  Right here - the time zone line.  Waiting in line to cross.  Well, at least it is scenic.  And out the passenger side window:
Canada on the right, USA on the left.

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cityquilter said...

that sea vapor is called sea smoke and it is quite beautiful...which mardens did you hit?