Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The Hidden Quilt

I was very lucky to be a houseguest at my friends' house this past trip too.  They had a sweet bedroom all fixed up for me on my arrival.  Oh, and the cooking!  First night I was treated to lobster chowder.  One meal was fiddlehead quiche.  We had meatloaf.  And a special going away dinner - salted pollack simmered in water and served with fried pork rind in broth.  Sounds not so good, but believe me, it is a favorite dinner of mine.  With turnips, boiled potatoes, salad, bread & butter.  Yum.
Do you just love this beautiful quilt on the bed?  Hand quilted too!  I call it "The Hidden Quilt" because this is what the bed was made up like:
While I was there - a visitor came every day to the bird feeder.
Maybe, just maybe I will be motivated to look at some of my quilting projects.  I did stop at Marden's on the way back into the USA and purchased some border fabric for my sampler blocks that I made last winter.  So maybe - we will see...

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