Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Curious Fox

It is beautiful, spring-like weather here, which means we are burning brush.  One of my sister's was burning brush today, I stopped by and stayed all day.  Later, another sister asked me how the brush burning went.  Huh?  I didn't know how she knew - but she knew because she knew the other sister was burning today and she just knows that I can't stay away from a burning brush pile.  Well, can you blame me?  That sister of mine moves an entire party down to the brush pile - picnic, coolers, even s'mores fixings.  The dogs even have their own water cooler and bowl!  Well, that smoke does make you thirsty.  Here is a photo of our party after the pile was pretty much burned out and we were winding down for the afternoon.

And just in the woods there - off to the left there was a fox for a while - watching us.  Curious fox!  My nephew's keen eye spotted it... look how perfectly it blends in to where it is standing.
My sister took this photo of me so I can send it to my son and DH.  
And when we were all done burning, the 2 of us pulled this tub over to the fire and flipped it on top of it.  I have the funniest photo of my sister pulling it!  I am sure we will laugh at it for years to come.  My nephew dug up the dirt and covered all the air holes.  We use this tub all the time and I never realized what it was until I asked my sister today - it is an old oil tank cut in 1/2.  Sometimes we pile stuff in it.  Other times we have our fires in it.  Today we used it as a cover for the fire.  Leave it to my Dad to save everything!  Who knew an old oil tank could be so useful!
Yup, brush burning is one of my favorite outdoor parties!  Oh - and I almost forgot - while we were doing that I was cutting lengths of bamboo for a solitary bee habitat project I am making.  I will keep you posted...

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