Thursday, June 02, 2011

Spring Arrives Fast!

Spring is such a busy time of year for me!  I am so busy doing, doing, doing that I just don't have time to sit down and write about everything.  But - I've been taking photos.  Every chance I get I run outside and snap some photos of the flowers growing like crazy, the birds, the renovations that always seem to go hand-in-hand with Spring.  I love Spring!  Busy, busy - that is me.  The other day I sat down at my desk and just thought I would put my head down on my arms for a few moments to rest my eyes - and when I woke up I had huge crease marks all across my forehead!  No telling how long I was snoozing away.
A large flock of goldfinches entertained me for about 2 weeks before they moved onward in their northern migration.  They sure are bright this time of year!
And everything is growing so fast!  My rhubarb plant on May 3:
And my rhubarb plant on May 30:

I have all my flower baskets planted - as soon as they are a bit more established I will move them to the front veranda.  Oops - messy photo, but hey, at least I am trying!

My new hosta bed - this is a shaded weedy patch that I have neglected for the past few years, but this spring I moved a bunch of hostas over here and have now added some impatiens and salvia.  Way over to the far right is oregeno, thyme and some kale.  The front ends of either side have small bushes.  I think this new bed is going to be a huge improvement!
Speaking of improvements...  my new decking on the veranda (whooo-hoo!).  Yes, the very same veranda the hanging baskets will be moved over to.
And a new roof over my bedroom!
Plus my business is up and running for another season and that keeps me hopping.  I never complain about that though - you never can complain about business and I would welcome more!  I can sleep all winter, right?  Yup - it is a busy time of year around here!

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