Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Young Eagle

Down at the pier there is a young eagle.  He doesn't appear to have any parents and the fishermen have been throwing him fish.  One of my friends saw him trying to land in a tree and said he sort-ov crash lands and hugs the tree.  

Here he is on top of a weir driver.  That is a good place for him.  He also likes to sit on the back of the fishermen's pick-up trucks and will hop along the bed railings.  Unfortunately, he also will sit "shiny" cars - and if he sees his reflection he scratches and pecks the car and does a fair amount of damage.  
Here is a photo of a weir driver in use, just in case you are curious.
We all think this is a young bald eagle.

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Brenda said...

That's neat!! Not that he scraches the cars, but that he is just hanging around..... I hope he figures out the tree landing thing and how to catch food himself!! am sure he does, but just in case! Hope your well!