Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Re-United At Last!

Finally, finally, finally!  I've got my sweet boy back in my arms!

Friday I made the long trek up all up through New Brunswick to Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Now, I like New Brunswick just fine - but Nova Scotia - not so much.  First of all - look at the traffic.  As soon as you cross into Nova Scotia (and you have to pay a $4 toll to get in and out) there is traffic.  And hot.  By golly - it was hot.  31C.  Along the Bay of Fundy - we have nature's biggest air conditioner - for example it is 17C today and I am wearing a fleece jacket.  I left home at 8:45 am and made it to the airport at 5:15 pm.  Because the 2 flights into Halifax was $1000 cheaper than New Brunswick - so I drove.  Because the flights were expensive enough without adding another $1000.
I arrived right on time - but their flight was delayed 2 hours.  So, I had to wait a little bit more.  Just a little bit more.

And finally, DH and School Boy come out of the gate!  Yeah!!!  And look here - look how tall my 8 year old boy is getting - and I am  5'8" myself.  So, he is tall!  Then I turned around and drove us back into New Brunswick because the hotels are 2X more expensive in Nova Scotia.  We got up the next morning at 3 am to finish our trip.
Someone is very happy to be almost back home!
My tired traveler.  Once he woke up - he has been talking and chattering away non-stop.  Oh yes, I am absolutely thrilled to have my family back together again at long last!


Gail said...

Hooray! So happy for you. I've been waiting to see you post that they were back. How long before they have to return so School Boy can go back to school?

Brenda said...

I am glad you are all back togethere too!!! And thank-you for the cost informtion.... The east coast is a dream of mine.... so I now know to watch my pennies, when I finally make it a reality!!
And your boy is just as cute as ever!! Happy Days are Here AGAIN!!!

marilyn said...

so happy for you!

Lindah said...

Oh, my! How that little man has grown. I'm so happy to see you together again.

Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

I was just wondering....Why can't all of you live on the same side of the Atlantic all the time??? Just call me nosy but all this jockeying back an forth doesn't seem like a very desirable life.

Mary said...

I can feel your excitement! I hope they don't have to go back too soon.

dot said...

What a wonderful blog entry. Enjoy your family and I hope you are going to be together for a long time.

Linda_J said...

How big he is getting! How wonderful that yo u are all in the same spot again, Evelyn.

Shirley said...

I'm thrilled for you. Having him and DH home is so great. And he has grown so much.
BTW I sold my 9000 boy was that a mistake. hang onto yours.