Sunday, August 14, 2011

My Hanging Baskets

I have lots of hanging baskets and they all are different.  I keep thinking they have hit their peak, take photos and then they get prettier.  So, here are some photos I took a few weeks ago.
Hard to believe I brought all these plants home - little, itty bitty things the end of May.
I got them all planted in my baskets and had to keep them in the back kitchen patio until the last week of June.  I had to bring them in EVERY night.  June was just plain rainy and cold, it was 8C most days.  

It wasn't until the 1st week of July that I hung them out front, facing the Bay of Fundy winds and left them out overnight.  Here is a photo of them from July 4.  I have geraniums and upright petunias in the middle that are now full and bushy!  I also like to put begonias in my baskets - they add alot of greenery!
Well, I just wanted to say - that I really enjoy my hanging flower baskets and they are worth the effort.  I have been right out straight, busy this summer.  B-U-S-Y!  Enjoying having my family though and making extra time to squeeze it all in.
Here are some photos from my summer album.
Low tide
 Day fishing off the dock.
 Mackerel - good eating!  The kids can catch 5-6 at a time with their mackerel jigs when the fish are running!  These were caught by another boy on the dock - he shared some with my son who then shared his with 2 of our neighbors.  Plenty to share and share!
 Got to share with the eagle who has a bum foot and can't fish for himself.
Night fishing off the dock.
I have tons more photos, but will leave it at that for those of you who can't handle tons of photos all at once.  Let's just say - I have a son that loves to fish!  We are having a good summer!


Brenda said...

And that is what summer is all about!! Enjoy these days!! I love to fish! have never done it off a dock before - looks like fun!!
Thanks for feeding the eagle!! Nice!!!

Anonymous said...

Your baskets look great! I had one doing so well, and then poof! It started drying up, no matter what I did. Little boy isn't so little now, is he?