Saturday, September 22, 2012

Someone's Sewing (hint: it is not me)

He is making a face because he hates the flash!  Guess who is sewing?  This is his 2nd sailboat block.
I was trying to steer him toward a large nine-patch or something, but no such luck!  He loves a sailboat pattern.  At least it had a checkerboard segment, but look how tiny the pieces are!
We went to Marden's and these are the fabrics we came home with, plus we are adding a bit from my stash.  And we aren't 100% sure we will use everything he got... but he does want to make it bigger than the pattern, so we just might need all of it!
I need help!  The next few blocks are applique.  My machine has a nice blanket stitch (yeah!) so I am thinking we can fuse the fabric down and applique around the pieces, but what kind of fusing is the softest?  He doesn't want it to get "crunchy".  We are going shopping later this week so if I know what to get, we can move onto the next blocks.  Still a few sailboats left to go, plus I think I will encourage him to make a some "filler" blocks to help make the quilt big enough to cover him... but those scary applique blocks are coming.  Please let me know what you recommend!  Thanks!


Susan C said...

I like to use Steam a Seam 2 light. It is light weight, doesn't get "crunchy" and I like the fact that it is repositionable so you can rearrange it before fusing it down. Especially good for young beginners. The sailboat block looks wonderful but the best thing is the proud smile on that face! Looking forward to seeing the progress on his quilt.

Sandie said...

If you haven't done this yet, try Misty fuse, or soft fuse, and only fuse the she's of the appliqués. Trace the whole shape, but cut away all of the inside of the outline except @ 1/4" . That way it won't get stiff from all the extra fusible that you really don't need.