Monday, September 17, 2012

The Frog Days of Summer

A favorite activity this summer when the cousins all got together - catching frogs!  The kids spent hours playing in the water, walking along the edge on the lookout and building elaborate frog houses - all frogs released at the end of the day so no worries!  
On this day I think they had 16 frogs in various "houses".  Some of the frogs were really pretty good sized, but not as big as another pond nearby.

My camera isn't always focusing anymore, but look at these 3 on the log!
This is a beautiful pond - one of my very favorite ponds to swim across.  I grew up swimming in ponds (they are not mud ponds either - these are very clear, sandy bottomed ponds).  I really don't like swimming in pools and counting laps - just let me swim across a pond! My sister loves to ice skate on the ponds when they are frozen over and she says the same thing about ice skating rinks - she likes the ponds!  

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Cher said...

ah, what great memories of playing outdoors and "catching stuff"...thanks for sharing