Saturday, April 13, 2013

My Ocean Waves Quilt

I brought this quilt to Quilt Group this week to show them and see what they thought... I have NEVER seen fabric do this before...

The quilt top got wet - with sea water and was left folded up for a bit of time... and the fabric printed itself - the exact design even (so not just bleeding, but copying of the design) onto the plain fabric.  See?  All homespuns and men's shirts (the men's shirts didn't print).  I already sent it through the washing machine and set it out in the sun to dry.
Quilt Group likes the effect and they wonder if I can duplicate the result on the "unprinted" white squares.  They say - quilt it.  I am thinking - replace the white squares and big white borders.  The final border is 2 rows of pieced triangles.
So - what do you think?
NOT that I have any time for quilting right now.  It is brush burning season and I am staying busy outside gathering up deadfall and burning brush.  My old apple trees take a beating in the winter winds.   I burn in a barrel - being near the water - even on a perfectly calm day, the wind kicks up when the tide changes.  Nice and contained in the barrel!  I am always amazed at the huge amount of brush a hot fire can burn in the course of one afternoon!  Lots of my neighbors are burning their lawns, but that just makes me nervous.


Jeanne said...

Hi Evelyn,

Wow, that's pretty neat!!! Depends what the quilt was originally supposed to be for, but I think it'd be interesting to leave it as-is and finish it that way, not replace the printed pieces. It would be sort of an 'artifact.'

Jeanne :)

Paula, the quilter said...

I have never seen anything like that happen before. Is the plaid fabric mainly homespuns? I like the effect and would leave it if I could.

GeoHolly said...

I would keep it as is. It has a story. I think it's pretty awesome.

dot said...

Interesting and I think I would just leave it. It adds mystic and individuality to the quilt.

dot said...

I would leave it as is. I like it, adds character to the quilt and could be a great conversation starter.