Thursday, April 04, 2013

Travelling Again

It is a love/hate relationship - travelling.  Roads take me away from what I love while at the same time bringing me to what I love.  I enjoy driving on big, empty roads.  But many trips are a bit too long and some days I will travel 12 hours non-stop.  And sooner or later - these big empty roads lead to city traffic.  I do love the cities though - love seeing the high rises, all the lanes of traffic, the roads going up and over and under each other.  Just don't like the city traffic!
I hate leaving.  Hate it.  I will delay and delay and delay if I am driving (can't do that with plane tickets though) - because usually I am pretty happy where I am.  Then the truck is packed and I am out the door in a flurry of tears.  Then I hit the road and am happy.  And extra happy when I get to where I am going.  Then I want to stay there and the same thing happens when I have to leave that place.  If it were a perfect world, I would have all the people I love, all the things I enjoy about an area, everything - all in one place.    I am sure many of you can relate - widespread loved ones, friends, families, missing regional things that are favorites (weather, scenery, birds calls, flowers, foods, etc.). 
On the road again.  Except I don't like driving after dark all that much so I am snugly tucked in for the night at a hotel.  Got to finish my History homework - tomorrow is another full day of travel.
Oh - and in case you are worried - I just hold up my camera and push the button when I am driving.  I do not know what the photo looks like until I look at it later.  I thought this one came out nicely!

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Mollie said...

I snap photos like that too when I'm driving.

I love traveling and I love coming home. I love road trips but do more travel by plane these days .... Trains are great too.

Have a great trip!