Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Lights Downtown

If you click on the first photo - it should make a slide show, enlarging the photos so you can see them better!

Downtown is beautiful this time of year and we often enjoy an early evening - just as it is getting dark - walk down the streets to see the lights.  But it is getting more and more crowded as we approach Christmas.  Saturday night it was so packed that the trams could not even get through the throngs of people and they were ringing and ringing their bells - so we went home and had hot tea and listened to Christmas music and played UNO instead! Photos above from earlier in the month.  See the photo below from Sat. night - yikes!  No place for a kid - he was glued to my hand.
 25,000 lights on this tree!
The ice sculpture:

From Graz.


Lindah said...

Wow! How beautiful!
And so many people! :-) (I live in a small town.)
Merry Christmas to you and yours!

straythreads said...

beautiful photos and wonderful Christmas celebration what is all the stuff in the window in the pic under the tree with all the lights? candles? and ornaments? thanks for sharing