Saturday, December 14, 2013

On the Needles Friday - Sweater Progress

I am not a speed knitter, but I think I am making pretty good progress on my sweater.  This is the back so far.  Even though I did the swatch, etc. - when I cast on, I accidentally cast on the next size up.  Fortunately, I realized my mistake when I finished the ribbing, so I ripped it out and started again.  I got this far on one skein of Briggs Little yarn.
I work on this sweater when I sit at the table with my son while he does his homework.  It makes homework a more relaxing time - I am right there in case he has a question - but usually he waits until he is all done before asking me to check his work.  Still, it is nice to be close by because this week I could see that he was really struggling with something and once I explained it - the homework was done in short order.
I WISH I had brought my circular needles with me because it is starting to get heavy on the straight needles and it is so long that I have to stop mid row so the stitches don't pop off, but the back is the biggest piece and after I finish that and the bottom of the front - it won't be so awkward. 
And progress on my brown sock - not much, but progress is progress.  I had skipped a pattern repeat and it was driving me crazy enough to unknit several rows to fix my error.  This, of course, meant that I ignored the sock for a bit.  But now it is fixed and progress continues.  Of course, it helps motivate me to keep working on it since I saw a beautiful ball of sock yarn downtown last week.  Besides the fact that I want another pair of hand knit socks to wear.  Most of my socks are hand knit, but I have a few pairs for "emergency" use when the laundry isn't done.  Yuck!  Great motivation to knit a few more pairs of socks for myself. Socks are the perfect bring-along project to music lessons, DRs appointments, etc.

The ice sculpture downtown this year - it is very blocky and not as detailed as usual, but always nice to go and take a look!
Check out Judy's Blog to see what everyone else is knitting these days.  Lots of socks, scarfs, hats, ornaments and other knitted goodness to check out this week!

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Teresa in Music City said...

That is going to be such a wonderful sweater! I love the pattern :*) I take my socks along as travel projects too - they're perfect for that!